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How to Overcome Google Penguin Update?

With every update, Penguin is becoming a curse for those violating the norms or guidelines of Google’s Webmaster. As they emphasize on more unnatural links, some of the earlier updates released by them could have affected your campaigns. Thus, in order to function smoothly you’d require taking some steps to overcome the earlier Penguin updates and be ready with your website to face the imminent changes to the algorithm.

Steps to Tackle Google Penguin Update

Analyse Penguin Properly

For any internet marketing agency, examining many indicators when trying to identify a drop in traffic can come handy. Make use of analytic tools to identify if the drop concurs with dates of Penguin update. The next step is to scrutinize data two weeks prior to and two weeks after the Penguin dates for increased precision. Make use of MajesticSEO or similar sites to download anchor text distribution data. Dropped anchors straightaway connects with dropped keywords. Gather all related data by using excel such as analytics and anchor text and generate a Pivot Table. Here, you can scrutinize the drop, percentage of decrease on your site and the prevailing links for a keyword. You can pinpoint unusually large links with this Pivot Table and you can change or remove such links after evaluating the optimization of your site with external links.

Look for Over-optimization of Keyword

You will need to check your site in deep for the written content and make sure that none of your pages are over-optimized for particular keywords. So what leads to over-optimization?

• When you possess excess unrelated keywords in a single page
• When you possess excess precisely matching or ‘money’ keywords, and not adequate branded keywords
• When the length of website copy and the ratio of keyword mentions is unusually high
The solution for it can be further obtained in three steps:
• Getting your copy cleaned up by forming long tail varieties of your primary keyword and using them to evade over optimization
• Laying emphasis on your brand in the message and targeting your audience in the written content
• Lessening the number of anchor texts on each of your pages

Recuperating from Penguin

Specific situation determines how you recover from Penguin. However, the given 5 tactics could help you bounce back.

• Get rid of all unconnected links on your site
• Make use of varied anchor texts to drive link building
• Have extremely good content or guest blogging on relevant site to get backlinks
• Make sure that your site has minimum ads and is simple to navigate
• Include links only in the content’s body

You can certainly recover from a Penguin hit, provided you clean up the spam and evade black hat SEO principles. Another thing you can do, possibly the most effective tactic is to take help from a professional digital marketing company in India that would provide you professional content writing services. An efficient SEO company in Mumbai would provide good quality article and blog writing services that would protect your site from possible algorithm attacks.

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