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Using Snapchat for Business

Companies in order to ensure customers have a longer brand recall, they want to make their presence felt on all possible platforms including social media. Hence creating a profile on every upcoming platform is essential to acquire potential target customers. Snapchat is an upcoming social media app which is creating a frenzy among the youth and brands must take this as an opportunity to get creative and showcase their product in a unique way on Snapchat. Therefore, marketers must be aware of all the innovative features Snapchat has to offer in order to create their presence before probable competitors pick up pace and enter the world of Snapchat.  Read More

Content Marketing – A trendsetter in the world of marketing

For a digital marketing and web designing company in Mumbai, content marketing plays a very important role. With several players in the market and fierce competition, an impactful content plays a vital role for communicating your brand in the market.

What Is Content Marketing?

If you want your customers to remember you and most importantly the brand which you are trying to communicate, in the hope that eventually it will generate leads and sell your products, then you should probably focus your attention to Content Marketing.
Content marketing deals with creation and distribution of content that is informative, entertaining and helpful to your potential customers.

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How to Increase Your Social Media Following?

Social media marketing works best when you have followers or fans. For any internet marketing or web designing company in Mumbai, generating leads is the eventual benefit of creating and maintaining a social media presence. However, as mentioned earlier, for making social media an effective lead generation machine, you initially need to generate a following. This refers to the followers and fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn along with other social media accounts. The more followers and fans you have for your social media presence, the better reach you’ll have, which means the probability to generate more leads. So for lead generation through social media marketing services, you need to take steps to increase your reach.

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing SEO Industry?

SEO is a result oriented business so just think if you have access to data that tells you accurately the things you need to do so as to optimise your website and increase visibility in search engines. Well, you need not think anymore as the technology is already available. Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) SEO is still in its early stages, in the next few years it will govern as to how digital marketing companies offering internet marketing services develop SEO strategies. Artificial intelligence is already being used in digital marketing for gathering data on ad targeting, determining the content relevancy, streamline marketing campaigns, recognize customer segments for cross selling and evaluate emotional values having the most influence on a target audience. However, the current situation is that very few firms are using machine learning to enhance search engine rankings. Marketers, while using AI get insights that help them enhance ad campaigns, but adopting AI particularly for SEO provides you some tactics that let you rank higher in search engines and lets your ads seen by more people.
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How to Overcome Google Penguin Update?

With every update, Penguin is becoming a curse for those violating the norms or guidelines of Google’s Webmaster. As they emphasize on more unnatural links, some of the earlier updates released by them could have affected your campaigns. Thus, in order to function smoothly you’d require taking some steps to overcome the earlier Penguin updates and be ready with your website to face the imminent changes to the algorithm.
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How to use Instagram to Increase Sales?

Many know Instagram as a social media platform where you can post pictures and videos, much like that of Facebook. However, not many know that Instagram can act as a great influencer for potential customers and that too without making any hard-sell pitches. In several ways, this social media platform is a great way to appeal to your potential clients without making it look like you are. Many people find this to be the best kind of marketing and several digital marketing companies in India are including this as part of their internet marketing services.
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6 Types of YouTube Advertising Format

YouTube is one of the major channels along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram that can be used for business promotion through the means of advertising. It’s one effective means for business advertising and part of SEO services in Mumbai that can help the organization achieve desirable growth. Here, we look at 6 different types of videos that one can use for video advertising on YouTube. Read More


SEO vs PPC Website_Infographic

SEO & PPC are two sides of the same coin with both helping to generate valuable leads.  Getting effective SEO services in Mumbai can help businesses benefit for a longer term while in PPC they get instant results but for a short term. As soon as the PPC is stopped the results stop coming. Both services have their own benefits and cater to businesses having varying lead generation needs, though SEO is considered to have a slight edge over PPC.

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