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8 SEO Lies Your Business Needs To Be Aware Of

In the world of online marketing, SEO is one of the biggest buzzword. SEO may not be a known concept for everyone but it’s an essential tool for grabbing attention and getting noticed online. Although SEO is not a straightforward process which any novice can start implementing successfully, there are a few aspects to understand before starting an SEO campaign such as – having good marketing, development and analytical skills.

It should also be well understood that getting an SEO campaign on board does not guarantee immediate success, but then, ignoring it may well be responsible for the company’s downfall. All said, it’s altogether a different task to shortlist an SEO consultant. There are many search engine optimisation companies in Mumbai, a large number of them may well promise the moon and deliver peanuts. Here we list 8 such lies which should be remembered while zeroing in on the SEO consultant for any requirement: Read More

Social Media Tactics to Connect with your Clients

Today, social media has enabled our clients, prospects, and staff to be connected 24/7 irrespective of their location. More and more internet marketing companies in Mumbai are utilizing social media marketing, however, they aren’t sure how to best do it in a way that attracts and connects with current and probable clients. Below are some strategic ways that an online marketing company can adopt to leverage social media to connect with clients: Read More

5 Tips for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a structured and systematic approach towards improving the performance of websites. Since the time it was introduced, CRO has risen to greater heights in popularity across the variety of online industries and is not showing any signs of slow down. However the increase in demand and popularity means that the techniques of CRO have to evolve. When you receive a lot of traffic to your website or a particular landing page and when these visitors are not converted to leads, it’s time to strategise your conversion rate optimisation (CRO). We at eTrack Media, one of the leading website marketing companies in Mumbai provide CRO, either as a part of our SEO packages or a standalone service. Here we look at 5 tips for conversion rate optimization (CRO) – Read More

Why Companies should not be scared of Social Media?

Businesses that are now socially active in various social media platforms have swiftly learned that an effective social media strategy can be fruitful to just about every company, irrespective of industry, size, products or services. But while several businesses are starting to embrace the power of social media and have readily adopted social media strategies as part of their marketing campaigns, there are still several businesses tentative to take the plunge. And the worst part is, there are businesses that jump into social media just because everyone else is doing it, but quickly step back as they lack a proper plan for effectively using several social media outlets. Read More

A SEO Company in the UK That Evolves With Time

As they say, what is truly constant in this world is ‘change’; and the best example in this regard is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The pace or the manner in which search engines evolve may not go down well with most of the SEO companies that are not fully ready for such paradigm shifts. However, eTrack Media, an SEO company based in the UK specialising in Internet Marketing services has always fine-tuned its strategies according to the search engine updates. In order to evolve with the search engine updates, it is absolutely necessary to identify the way SEO tasks were executed in the past and replace it with the methods recommended by search engines today. Following are the key areas of Search Engine Optimization and what has changed in them recently: Read More

Key Reasons to Have a Responsive Website for Your Business!

The use of mobile phones and tablets for accessing the internet has increased significantly over the past few years. Allowing us the freedom to search on the go. The majority of the users depend on their smart phones to: search for products, seek information, or simply access their social media sites. Research even suggests that mobile traffic is soon going to surpass the desktop traffic. This exploding use of mobile internet has made the need of responsive website design absolutely essential.

Having a responsive website simply means your website is designed in a way that it can be easily viewed from multiple devices, including desktop, mobile phones, tablets, phablets etc. The images and layout used during a responsive website automatically adjusts itself to the size of the device used. Read More

Key Tips to Consider for Result-Oriented Instagram Marketing!

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with around 300 million active users. With its remarkable ability of conveying stories through visuals, Instagram is widely used by businesses for engaging with their customers, creating brand awareness and forming an emotional connection with their audience. Here are some important tips to consider whilst using Instagram for business:

Complete Your Profile: Your bio is the first thing that your followers will notice. Make sure your Instagram profile is completed with all the relevant information, including what your company is about, how consumers can benefit from your products/services and how they could contact you. You should also ensure that the information you provide is consistent across all social media platforms. Additionally, consider linking your Instagram profile with your Facebook and Twitter business accounts for a wider reach, increased visibility and higher engagement. Read More

Six Tips to Help Your Business Build A Strong Presence on Twitter

With over 270 million active users, Twitter has come a long way from being just a micro blogging platform to a powerful business marketing tool. It has opened many avenues for businesses to connect to millions of potential customers online, engage with them, create awareness about their products/services and help gain a competitive edge over their competitors. However, many businesses limit their twitter marketing strategy to simply setting up of a business account and sending out occasional tweets about their business. Twitter marketing extends much further than this. Below are a few tips for businesses to consider whilst building a strong presence on Twitter: Read More

Harness White Label SEO to Cross-Sell to Clients; Save on Overheads

As local marketing consultants, ad agencies, or firms providing specialised promotional services, such as content writing, public relations, or web designing, maximising revenue per client is of utmost importance. In this fiercely competitive world, marketing firms or businesses providing allied services, either for digital media or traditional channels, want to do more than satisfy their clients. They wish to retain their clients and in turn, expand the range of services provided to them. Considering that more and more businesses are planning to expand their promotion mix, white label SEO services and business models can help you deliver non-core services, including online marketing, to your clients minus the overheads. Read More

Key Parameters that Professional Agencies Use to Determine SEO Pricing

For a business owner or someone in charge of managing a firm, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complicated concept to come to grips with let alone leverage it to benefit the business. To add to this, the online marketing landscape is increasingly teeming with SEO companies that promise lucrative results within a short span and employ one-size-fits-all approach. Whilst this method provides short-term boost in online visibility, it rarely gives good ROI in terms of lead generation and online conversions. Many businesses realise this once it’s too late. Read More

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