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5 Social Media Tools to Promote your Business

Social Media forms to be the best platform where all kinds of businesses can promote their services and products effectively. However, cutthroat competition is making it very difficult to compete on social forums and networks. If you intend to promote your business on social networks, you must utilise everything that can help you get your content noticed. Luckily, social media experts have singled out some great tools which are designed to boost online marketing strategies. If you’re new on the web and require picking a few social media tools to boost your business, then here are few of the very effective.

5 Effective Social Media Tools

Hoot Suite

This tool helps you manage your social activities on various networks and will provide you with the option to get actively involved in social sites. Hoot Suite allows you to know public opinion about the brands you are promoting enabling you to engage with those who you think are more impressed with your products. In short, Hoot Suite proves to be one of the best monitoring tools for social media.

This tool helps you to turn your simple ideas into great looking designs. Whether it’s your Facebook cover, flyers, posters, invitations, blog graphics or presentations this tool will help you easily create unlimited designs. Canva possesses a huge collection of stickers and appealing texting accessories that you can use. The best thing about this tool is that you can create great designs for your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.


This is another remarkable tool that helps you in two different ways as in the first way; you can create a collection of posts at a time and then you can select your social profiles to share those posts. Once you have shared them, buffer works to spread the posts to the internet which will save a lot of your time as you don’t need to do this yourself. Furthermore, the links of your posts are also shortened which brings better analytics reports. This is surely one of the amazing tools to enhance your presence on social media.


On receiving a message in your mailbox from contacts, you frequently see ads in the right panel in which you may have absolutely no interest. Instead, if you were to see the profiles of that contact, this may be more useful and interesting. Using this tool will allow you to see useful information about the contacts such as their LinkedIn profiles, jobs and company, etc. Using this tool can help you to grow your connections and without leaving your Gmail, you can bring them in your connections.


Is a tool where you can save your stuff which you aren’t interested in reading instantly, for later. Pocket is an amazing social media tool that helps you locate several interesting articles about your specific niche and once you have located the articles of your interest, you can save and organise them to be read later.

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