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5 Tips for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a structured and systematic approach towards improving the performance of websites. Since the time it was introduced, CRO has risen to greater heights in popularity across the variety of online industries and is not showing any signs of slow down. However the increase in demand and popularity means that the techniques of CRO have to evolve. When you receive a lot of traffic to your website or a particular landing page and when these visitors are not converted to leads, it’s time to strategise your conversion rate optimisation (CRO). We at eTrack Media, one of the leading website marketing companies in Mumbai provide CRO, either as a part of our SEO packages or a standalone service. Here we look at 5 tips for conversion rate optimization (CRO) –

1. Use A/B Testing Instead of Multivariate Testing:
A/B tests and Multivariate tests are the two main types for testing conversion rate optimisation. In an A/B test, version A is run against version B (the control vs the challenger respectively) to check which one has a higher conversion rate. Equal amount of traffic is sent across each of them to see which one returns better conversion, this gives a basic definition of A/B conversion test.

In a multivariate test, instead of testing different page versions, multiple differences are evaluated for their impact. This requires traffic on your website as well as time and experience. Additionally, the multivariate test results do not return huge revenue.

A/B testing is simpler and easier and results in higher revenue generation. Hence, using A/B testing over multivariate testing proves beneficial for CRO.

2. Target Revenue Optimisation and Not Just Conversions:
While running the tests, one realises that conversion decrease can actually increase the revenue. It is important to test different price points to check which price ranges fetch the highest revenue rather than only focusing on improving conversion rates. Hence, the eventual target must be to generate more revenue and not only improving conversions.

3. Prioritise Website Personalisation:
According to a recent survey, there is a very low percentage of marketers investing in website personalisation. Irrespective of the kind of website, visitors are acquired by providing personalised and intriguing content on a smooth user experience which eventually results in higher conversions. The most important point to remember in order to offer website personalisation is awareness of user types that visit the website.

4. Analyse Competitors CRO Strategy:
Your competitors build their websites to suit their own particular needs, more often than not after working on a CRO strategy and performing several tests. You may have your own CRO strategies and different tests to analyse and improve your website, but analysing competitor’s websites and observing changes applied on their websites should be part of your CRO strategy as well. It’s not for the intention of copying their strategies, but it’s just an added advantage to know what others are doing wrong so that you can capitalise within your own CRO strategy.

5. Track Conversions and Update CRO Tactics:
The ultimate goal of any conversion rate optimisation strategy is to boost the conversions, both micro & macro and tracking the conversions in order to influence and convince visitors. Boost in conversions will enable you to be more effective at acquiring customers and increasing revenues. However, introducing only new conversion rate strategies will not yield the desired results, the strategies also need to be tested. Testing is necessary as each site is different and innovation is one of the foremost ways to become a market leader.

In addition to these, there are a lot of other points which can increase your conversion rate optimisation campaign. There are a variety of companies which provide website Optimisation Services in Mumbai, but we at eTrack Media help you strategise your internet marketing campaign by providing innovative and relevant campaigns with the ultimate goal to increase your revenue.

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