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6 Types of YouTube Advertising Format

YouTube is one of the major channels along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram that can be used for business promotion through the means of advertising. It’s one effective means for business advertising and part of SEO services in Mumbai that can help the organization achieve desirable growth. Here, we look at 6 different types of videos that one can use for video advertising on YouTube.

YouTube Advertising Format

Display Ads

These display ads primarily get displayed next to other videos and experts suggest restricting the network for these ads to YouTube Search so that you are able to target particular keywords. This makes sure that the advertising is being reached to viewers who are in reality looking for the keywords that you are targeting. This means your viewers would have more access to your video advertising.

In Video Advertisements

These overlay ads primarily appear at the bottom level of videos that are streamed on YouTube. Usually, these ads appear inside the initial 15 seconds of the video being streamed and can be easily closed by the viewers. In the event that the viewer takes no action during the video, these overlay ads will disappear on their own.

Non Skippable Ads

These ads are also much like the instream ads. These ads cannot be skipped by the viewer and thus are different from those mentioned above. Usually, they appear for about 15 seconds or even longer. The viewer can come across these ads anytime during the video, i.e. before, during or after the streaming of video on YouTube. Here, the viewers need to watch the entire advertisement so as to continue watching the video hosting these ads.

TrueView Ads

Prior to or during the videos that are streamed on YouTube, these ads generally appear across as in-stream ads. On appearance of these ads, viewers have the option to watch the entire ad or skip it. The skip button comes across 5 seconds, wherein the viewers who don’t want to watch the ad can press this button.

Sponsored Cards

These types of ads don’t appear inside the videos but out of it, however, within the site. These advertisements are either paid per click or views received. Companies offering PPC services in Mumbai often recommend these types of YouTube promotion ads for their clients.

Masthead Format

This format is also offered by the YouTube Ads for brand promotion. These ads are extremely similar to a card and the only difference is that they are focused on businesses having large budgets. Moreover, these ads are also very expensive and they exclusively appear on the home page of YouTube.

These are some of the effective types of YouTube advertising that you can employ for your client’s business. These ads do help generate a good amount of traffic provided they are done in a well-planned manner.

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