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8 SEO Lies Your Business Needs To Be Aware Of

In the world of online marketing, SEO is one of the biggest buzzword. SEO may not be a known concept for everyone but it’s an essential tool for grabbing attention and getting noticed online. Although SEO is not a straightforward process which any novice can start implementing successfully, there are a few aspects to understand before starting an SEO campaign such as – having good marketing, development and analytical skills.

It should also be well understood that getting an SEO campaign on board does not guarantee immediate success, but then, ignoring it may well be responsible for the company’s downfall. All said, it’s altogether a different task to shortlist an SEO consultant. There are many search engine optimisation companies in Mumbai, a large number of them may well promise the moon and deliver peanuts. Here we list 8 such lies which should be remembered while zeroing in on the SEO consultant for any requirement:

1. “SEO strategies remain the same for varied Businesses”
This is a common response to the question – “What special strategies can you offer for our type of business?”

This is a false response, as developing SEO strategies is essentially a marketing technique and marketing techniques vary for different companies, in the same way SEO strategies are also different for various types of websites. Some businesses, like ecommerce websites, require a competitive outlook and hence demand top keywords; others like manufacturing are less competitive, hence, easier to dominate.

Therefore, you must keep searching for an SEO expert with a proven track record.

2. “SEO is one stop solution for online marketing”
It may have been earlier, but it’s not anymore. SEO may have matured to be one of the crucial tools for online marketing, but it’s not the only one. Google has come down hard on websites which lack originality in order to gain popularity in search results. It has become really important for companies to ensure equally good offline marketing strategies to ensure maximum SEO benefits.

3. “It is fine to copy content”
Innovative and relevant content is one of the most important contributors to a successful SEO strategy. There are high chances that the SEO consultant you hire has an expert team of content marketing specialists. But no matter how well-written and innovative the content may be, it’s of no use if it is copied or reposted elsewhere.

4. “We can get your site into many Search Engine Directories”
Mildly put, strictly stay away from any SEO consultant who promises that they will do such large scale submissions or link building. That said, it is possible to submit sites to major search engines, but it would be irrelevant to do so, as there are hundreds of directories which are legitimate. In fact, such a strategy can result in unnatural link warnings and penalties from Google.

5. “It’s complicated to explain our SEO strategies”
No matter how complicated it may seem to the uninitiated, a little research is all it takes to understand SEO. A good SEO team will be able to explain their SEO strategies along with the ones relevant to you and will be able to provide examples of similar strategies successfully executed in the past.

The SEO consultants who shy away from explaining their SEO strategies and hide it behind the excuse saying “it’s complicated” must be dealt with cautiously and if possible avoided. Agreed there are some very technical aspects of SEO difficult to explain, but there is no reason why it cannot be understood after a thorough explanation.

6. “Keyword stuffing is the magic technique to obtain higher rankings”
This may have been the case a few years back but the scenario has changed quite a lot to the present day. The focus has now shifted on using a variety of keywords sprinkled throughout the content length (body copy).

7. “We can help you gain top SEO ranking within a month”
Google constantly keeps updating their ranking software and systems. Hence, no strategy can remain static for very long, it will change over a period of time to keep up with the changing systems. This stands true as strategising an SEO campaign once and forgetting to update it with the updated Google standards will mean that you lag in the race.

Therefore, any SEO consultant which says they can help you get to the top of the ranking is an utter lie. As building a successful SEO campaign happens over a period of time and there is no overnight success.

8. “We have ties with Google”
Now, this one has to be the lie that tops the list. It’s an open fact that Google does not affiliate with any of the SEO companies. Therefore, never believe anyone who says so as it is just not possible to have an insider within Google who can work to help you stay on top.

It’s a great idea to be on top of any search engine ranking, especially Google, but to make that happen it takes effort and strategies, as every organic search is affected in some way through the searcher’s history, preferences and locations.

The best way to approach any SEO campaign is to design a strategy to fairly climb search engines over a period of time, evaluate the strategy every few weeks and take corrective measures if required.

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