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Anatomy of an SEO Hamburger

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The ingredients of a successful SEO are similar to a hamburger put together. The bun represents the website and forms the face of the business online. The next step would be to place the salads which will be your backlinks. It is healthy as quality matters. Subsequently, the pickles would come next and forms the architecture and design of the website. Business owners usually ignore this as they are not aware of its significance.  After that, place the meat as it will stand for webpage content. This needs to be fresh and new with old content being updated regularly. The next stage would be the cheese and will represent on page optimization. If done well, it will increasing website ranking on SERP. It would then be time for the tomatoes and they would be your social links. They provide great link ‘juice’ and will make your website more viable. The final ingredient will be sauce which stands for the trust factor.  Just like a hamburger is incomplete without sauce, a website is not complete without it being trustworthy. eTrack Media, a leading SEO company in Mumbai can aid businesses with a plethora of services and covers all the ingredients that makes SEO so effective.

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