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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing SEO Industry?

SEO is a result oriented business so just think if you have access to data that tells you accurately the things you need to do so as to optimise your website and increase visibility in search engines. Well, you need not think anymore as the technology is already available. Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) SEO is still in its early stages, in the next few years it will govern as to how digital marketing companies offering internet marketing services develop SEO strategies. Artificial intelligence is already being used in digital marketing for gathering data on ad targeting, determining the content relevancy, streamline marketing campaigns, recognize customer segments for cross selling and evaluate emotional values having the most influence on a target audience. However, the current situation is that very few firms are using machine learning to enhance search engine rankings. Marketers, while using AI get insights that help them enhance ad campaigns, but adopting AI particularly for SEO provides you some tactics that let you rank higher in search engines and lets your ads seen by more people.

Working of AI SEO

Firstly, the data provides you insights that let you optimise your website, build links with domains having high authority and recognizes the best keywords to use for each webpage. All you need to do is structure the content correctly. The primitive functionality of AI works using algorithms that recognize patterns in user systems. This data lets the generation of insights and predictions that are frequently more precise than human evaluation.

However, AI has now advanced into ‘deep learning’ which can use raw data to determine a list of probabilities and execute the tasks. This lessens the requirement for humans to code software to a great extent and save a good amount of money and time. The prime example of this is RankBrain from Google. This specific portion of Google’s core algorithm looks at search terms that haven’t been used earlier and compares the keywords against other searches to ascertain the kind of results, the end user is searching for.

However, RankBrain also provides Google with data about the relevancy of webpages against particular search terms. This lets the search engine company to rank webpages correctly against those search terms. The information that the search end users looking for would be known if the website owners had access to this high level data. The content could then be accordingly published by the SEO company and the webpages could also be optimized by the SEOs. This is what AI SEO does precisely.

Where can AI SEO be available?

Surprisingly, there are only few AI options available for SEO. Few internet marketing agencies in India provides AI SEO services. Alternatives such as few raw artificial intelligence software tools including SEO Powersuite and Muncheye are available. At best, with these software tools you can stay withinn search engine guidelines, examine keywords and recognize a handful of strong links. As search engine algorithms enhance their tasks with artificial intelligence, there’s a growing significance for SEO practitioners to match them by accessing insights to the same data.


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