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Can Google AdWords be a part of your SEO strategy?

Executing a strong internet marketing strategy is the need of the hour for many small businesses, and executing it in a better way can be quite overwhelming for them. Today, multiple channels are available online stating you must emphasise on a wide variety of tactics to reach your target consumers in an effective manner, rank high with Google and enhance conversion rates. Today, almost every online marketing company in Mumbai implements tactic that has its benefits, but two of the most popular for local internet marketing strategies are Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Generally, marketers take to one side or the other as they all lead to online presence; however, this is far from the case. Both these strategies can effectively work together to enhance the visitors to the website and conversions for your business.

Good Keyword Research

For any SEO campaign, long tail keywords form the basis. You might be an experienced marketer, but you still need to research keywords consistently to determine new opportunities for your business. It goes without saying that what matters most for high rankings is to determine the keywords your target audience is searching for, not just those keywords you are already ranking for or words you wish to rank for. How do you know what your local market is searching for? A keyword research tool is necessary for any search engine optimisation company in Mumbai, and one of the best on the market is Google AdWords. AdWords is usually used for PPC keyword research; however, this tool can also be used for other purposes as well. You simply need to enter URLs and a list of core keywords and Google AdWords’ keyword research tool can generate a list of suggested keywords that your target market will be likely to use when researching.

How to know that your keywords give you results?

Now that you have a foundation for your keyword strategy, how can you know if it’s converting into tangible visitors and leads? AdWords allows analytics letting you see the number of users converted on each keyword, the pages visited, the bounce rate and much more. With this you can easily hone and streamline both your PPC and SEO strategy.

Choice of Keywords for Emphasizing PPC and SEO campaign

Both strategies are effective ways to get targeted traffic to your website. Once your team has determined what keywords you are ranking for organically and which you’re converting well for with PPC, you can focus on those keywords that might not be as strong organically or on your best conversion PPC keywords. Both these strategies can work as a support to effectively help each another generate more traffic and conversions for each other.

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