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Best SEO Practices

Several strategies aim to bring out the best in online businesses. These strategies involve good SEO practices, which help  boost websites and reach the top position of search engine results. Online users do not spend much time surfing web pages. Websites that provide exactly what the users are searching for are more likely to receive user attention.

Search engines consider several factors while ranking websites on the first page. The most important factor is search engine optimisation, or SEO. There are different ways of making websites search engine-friendly.
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Effective Ad Campaigns for Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn are undoubtedly two of the most popular social networking websites in use. Both these websites have witnessed almost one billion users who spend a decent amount of time surfing, chatting or even marketing. Advertising campaigns seem to be successful on these platforms, especially because of the kind of traffic Facebook and LinkedIn attract. Small and medium enterprises are able to target relevant customers by creating promotional content. Read More

How to Optimize Instagram’s IGTV

Instagram unveiled IGTV recently at San Francisco! The new offering from the famous Instagram global group is a visual treat for the global audience. The global entertainers have two reasons to celebrate; one the introduction of IGTV, of course, and the next is that the Instagram community has touched 1 billion recently.
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Parameters To Keep In Mind When Deciding To Outsource SEO For Your Business

Because of the digital revolution that has gripped India; every company wants to improve their online presence via internet marketing campaigns. For this purpose, it is significant to hire a reputed digital marketing agency that can offer good SEO services. So, if you’re seeking increased visibility on the internet, it is important to decide if you wish to outsource SEO for your business from a professional agency specializing in SEO services.


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Understanding CRO better

Investing in digital marketing renders no importance if marketers don’t receive adequate returns on their investment. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is considered as a lead generated in the digital world in the form of a product purchase, forms filled by a user, feedback generated by a user online or some form of movement made by a user online that is related to the offered product or service. As SEO Companies in Mumbai, India want to increase their return on investment through digital marketing activities it is essential for them to identify those tools available online that will help increasing CRO to a large extent by incorporating changes in the website, enhance user experience and initiate a product purchase by using CRO tools available online.

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing SEO Industry?

SEO is a result oriented business so just think if you have access to data that tells you accurately the things you need to do so as to optimise your website and increase visibility in search engines. Well, you need not think anymore as the technology is already available. Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) SEO is still in its early stages, in the next few years it will govern as to how digital marketing companies offering internet marketing services develop SEO strategies. Artificial intelligence is already being used in digital marketing for gathering data on ad targeting, determining the content relevancy, streamline marketing campaigns, recognize customer segments for cross selling and evaluate emotional values having the most influence on a target audience. However, the current situation is that very few firms are using machine learning to enhance search engine rankings. Marketers, while using AI get insights that help them enhance ad campaigns, but adopting AI particularly for SEO provides you some tactics that let you rank higher in search engines and lets your ads seen by more people.
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6 Types of YouTube Advertising Format

YouTube is one of the major channels along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram that can be used for business promotion through the means of advertising. It’s one effective means for business advertising and part of SEO services in Mumbai that can help the organization achieve desirable growth. Here, we look at 6 different types of videos that one can use for video advertising on YouTube. Read More

How Business Listing Can Help Your Business to Grow?

For most users in India, search engines are not a platform for conducting each and every online search and transaction. Directories and social media websites expand your reach and possess some of the hottest leads on the web at an economical cost. Whether paid or free, these platforms are worth spending your advertising budget on.Do you need to submit to online directories? This is very important since you need to submit your business information and website to relevant directories as they are a great source of leads, and consumer reviews can help generate good referral traffic. Free or paid, it’s vital you control your business profile whilst engaging and advertising to customers wherever that may be. Once you claim your profile, update any information that’s imprecise, and ensure you provide details about your business as that is the USP which might draw in new clients. All in all, it’s important to claim ownership now so that you can respond to positive and negative reviews of your business in the future. Read More

Landing Pages – What’s the Big Deal?

When designing their websites, many clients have one prime question to ask – ‘What is a landing page and why is it so important for their campaigns?’ The answers to this question are simple but needs to be understood from a wider perspective.

A landing page is nothing but a “page” that user lands on in response to a call to action or advertisement. Simply put, a landing page gets traffic from everywhere other than the actual site. Landing page shouldn’t be created as a simple page to display names and numbers or a page displaying long sales forms, it is essentially a welcome page to draw attention of the visitors to the rest of the site. There is a list of website marketing companies in Mumbai offering SEO services and as a part of that service or a standalone project, they help you create innovative landing pages and manage them. Read More

A SEO Company in the UK That Evolves With Time

As they say, what is truly constant in this world is ‘change’; and the best example in this regard is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The pace or the manner in which search engines evolve may not go down well with most of the SEO companies that are not fully ready for such paradigm shifts. However, eTrack Media, an SEO company based in the UK specialising in Internet Marketing services has always fine-tuned its strategies according to the search engine updates. In order to evolve with the search engine updates, it is absolutely necessary to identify the way SEO tasks were executed in the past and replace it with the methods recommended by search engines today. Following are the key areas of Search Engine Optimization and what has changed in them recently: Read More