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Parameters To Keep In Mind When Deciding To Outsource SEO For Your Business

Because of the digital revolution that has gripped India; every company wants to improve their online presence via internet marketing campaigns. For this purpose, it is significant to hire a reputed digital marketing agency that can offer good SEO services. So, if you’re seeking increased visibility on the internet, it is important to decide if you wish to outsource SEO for your business from a professional agency specializing in SEO services.


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Content Marketing – A trendsetter in the world of marketing

For a digital marketing and web designing company in Mumbai, content marketing plays a very important role. With several players in the market and fierce competition, an impactful content plays a vital role for communicating your brand in the market.

What Is Content Marketing?

If you want your customers to remember you and most importantly the brand which you are trying to communicate, in the hope that eventually it will generate leads and sell your products, then you should probably focus your attention to Content Marketing.
Content marketing deals with creation and distribution of content that is informative, entertaining and helpful to your potential customers.

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How to Overcome Google Penguin Update?

With every update, Penguin is becoming a curse for those violating the norms or guidelines of Google’s Webmaster. As they emphasize on more unnatural links, some of the earlier updates released by them could have affected your campaigns. Thus, in order to function smoothly you’d require taking some steps to overcome the earlier Penguin updates and be ready with your website to face the imminent changes to the algorithm.
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SEO vs PPC Website_Infographic

SEO & PPC are two sides of the same coin with both helping to generate valuable leads.  Getting effective SEO services in Mumbai can help businesses benefit for a longer term while in PPC they get instant results but for a short term. As soon as the PPC is stopped the results stop coming. Both services have their own benefits and cater to businesses having varying lead generation needs, though SEO is considered to have a slight edge over PPC.

How Business Listing Can Help Your Business to Grow?

For most users in India, search engines are not a platform for conducting each and every online search and transaction. Directories and social media websites expand your reach and possess some of the hottest leads on the web at an economical cost. Whether paid or free, these platforms are worth spending your advertising budget on.Do you need to submit to online directories? This is very important since you need to submit your business information and website to relevant directories as they are a great source of leads, and consumer reviews can help generate good referral traffic. Free or paid, it’s vital you control your business profile whilst engaging and advertising to customers wherever that may be. Once you claim your profile, update any information that’s imprecise, and ensure you provide details about your business as that is the USP which might draw in new clients. All in all, it’s important to claim ownership now so that you can respond to positive and negative reviews of your business in the future. Read More

Common Factors That Can Negatively Impact Your SEO Campaign

Organic rankings gained through white hat SEO techniques can play a stellar role in boosting your business’ online marketing returns. However, to execute high-impact SEO campaigns, it is important to understand that SEO by itself will provide little value compared to when it is integrated into your marketing mix. Irrespective of the size of business, this integration can only be achieved when the online marketing consultant (or the SEO agency) and its client truly collaborate with each other and understand each other’s requirements and limitations. Read More

Using Local Directory Listings? Be Careful About 4 Aspects

Local directory listing forms a key online channel for small and medium-sized businesses with limited geographic reach. Planned and implemented appropriately, this channel can prove not only to be the most convenient of all to promote products and services but can also generate high-quality leads. Whilst other methods, such as Web 2.0 submission, article submission, blog submission, press release posting, infographic submission, guest posting and video submission require significant content / multimedia skills and expertise, manual directory submission to local business portals is relatively convenient. Read More