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Common Factors That Can Negatively Impact Your SEO Campaign

Organic rankings gained through white hat SEO techniques can play a stellar role in boosting your business’ online marketing returns. However, to execute high-impact SEO campaigns, it is important to understand that SEO by itself will provide little value compared to when it is integrated into your marketing mix. Irrespective of the size of business, this integration can only be achieved when the online marketing consultant (or the SEO agency) and its client truly collaborate with each other and understand each other’s requirements and limitations.

Like any partnership, the lack of trust or understanding from either side can mar the results of an SEO campaign. Some commonly known factors that can adversely affect your SEO campaigns are outlined below:

Mistaking SEO as a Quick Remedy
Issues between the client and the agency may start surfacing due to the client’s lack of clarity about the effectiveness of SEO. More often than not, the root of this issue is that the SEO provider fails to completely educate the client about the nuances of generating organic search results and makes unrealistic promises without analysing crucial factors. As a result, the clients start considering SEO as an overnight solution to gaining online awareness which it isn’t. On the contrary, SEO is a long-term investment and requires sustained efforts in terms of authoritative link building, content development, and site structure improvement.

Reluctance to Take Corrective Actions
SEO is a two-way street. The client provides the SEO agency with a brief about its products/services, marketing objectives, and its requirements. On the other side, the agency providing website optimisation services understands the client’s business, analyses the website and link building channels before recommending corrective steps to be taken. These may include making on-page website changes, such as meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, page headers, and content. If the client fails to implements these changes in time, this has the cascading effect on the entire SEO schedule, including off-page activities.

Mutual Mistrust
The degree of trust and transparency between both parties impacts how effective your SEO campaigns will be. Either party keeping the other in the dark about things concerning web design, development, content changes, submission directories, and link building channels can lead to unpleasant results. For instance, if the client decides to change the layout of the website without keeping the SEO agency in the loop, rankings can suffer. Changing the website has an array of implications on search rankings as the content, meta details, page headers, and site map have to be changed accordingly.

We, at eTrack Media, completely understand that the above aspects can negatively impact the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. If you are looking for an open and transparent online marketing consultant with a proven process in place, your search ends with us.

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