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Why Companies should not be scared of Social Media?

Businesses that are now socially active in various social media platforms have swiftly learned that an effective social media strategy can be fruitful to just about every company, irrespective of industry, size, products or services. But while several businesses are starting to embrace the power of social media and have readily adopted social media strategies as part of their marketing campaigns, there are still several businesses tentative to take the plunge. And the worst part is, there are businesses that jump into social media just because everyone else is doing it, but quickly step back as they lack a proper plan for effectively using several social media outlets.

On the other hand, several businesses have already realised the benefits of web 2.0 technologies such as wikis and blogs and are now looking to strengthen their communications with social networking, but several are confused about how it can be best applied in a business environment and the benefits it will bring to their business. Social media can offer real benefits to businesses, right from making collaboration more effective to maximising the value of undocumented knowledge and experience held in the heads of the employees. To realise these benefits, social networks must be searchable so that information is visible and related to the rest of the enterprise’s content.

The emergence of social media has equipped several employees with social networking skills. This largely unused skill implies businesses are now well positioned to reap the benefits of social networking technology and enjoy the benefits it can bring. Collaboration can be made more effective as social media makes it possible for employees to work together on projects in real time, as well as stay updated with developments and changes made by colleagues in varied time zones around the world. Knowledge is an integral part of all businesses, and is perhaps one of the few business assets that won’t depreciate in value during a recession. Social media can maximise the value of this asset by making it possible for employees to connect as well as share knowledge. The information needs to be relevant and employees must be able to access it so that most value can be harnessed from this knowledge.

There are times when social media strategies can be dodgy, but majority of the times they reap benefits. As with any other businesses, there are risks associated with social media as well but companies need not be afraid as benefits are more than the risks associated.

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