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Content Marketing – A trendsetter in the world of marketing

For a digital marketing and web designing company in Mumbai, content marketing plays a very important role. With several players in the market and fierce competition, an impactful content plays a vital role for communicating your brand in the market.

What Is Content Marketing?

If you want your customers to remember you and most importantly the brand which you are trying to communicate, in the hope that eventually it will generate leads and sell your products, then you should probably focus your attention to Content Marketing.
Content marketing deals with creation and distribution of content that is informative, entertaining and helpful to your potential customers.

A study conducted by Custom Content revealed that 70 percent of users gain information from articles rather than corporate advertisements. Therefore, it is least surprising that businesses are taking a step further to increase their reach to the target audience with a new strategy called ‘Content Marketing’.

A content marketing strategy is not just another marketing approach, it is not about posting some random post on your social media feeds. Rather it requires a clear understanding on what you want to accomplish and how your content can take you closer in achieving your business objectives.

An impactful content is based on three core principles: Value, Relevance and Consistency.

Value: Customers that view your blog or watch a video should gain something out of it. They should feel that they have learnt something or have been entertained in a manner that leaves striking effect in their mind.

Relevance: Like the general principles of marketing which focus on the wants, needs and desires of the customer, in content marketing it is no different. The content must cater to the needs, wants and interests of the customer, it should give a clear message that you understand them and give information that they find funny, interesting and comforting.

Consistency: If you want to make your brand recognizable, it’s essential to deliver content on a regular basis. To establish a connection with the customers, it is necessary to pay attention to the tone, look, feel and writing style of the content, this will ensure that your content is in sync with what the customers’ need and this helps them to form a relationship with your organization.

How to create relevant content?

Now, with an insight gained on what is content marketing, a thought that may arise as, how to create relevant content for potential customers. Let us discuss a few ways in which relevant content can be created.

Research: Research may seem one of the most tedious tasks but it’s the only way in which you can gain relevant information on the latest trends among your customers. Google news, Google trends and Google insights are some of the tools that can help you in searching the most useful content.

Ideas: Once you have gathered all the information, it’s time to brainstorm. With the collected data, you need to figure out the answer to the following questions such as – How will you present the data? What are the unique ways in which you can present the data? Is there something interesting that you can come up with that will catch the eye of the customer? Once you have the answer to these questions, you can use blogs, videos or infographics to educate your customers about your products and services.

Placement: Before you create the content, it can be a good idea to figure out your outreach and placement of content. This will make it easier to identify the right type of target audience.

Creation: The next step to your content is the creation of the content. This is a crucial stage and therefore do not rush while creating content. Try gaining the attention of your customers through visually appealing graphics and blogs that add valuable information to the service that you offer.

Publishing: Once you have got your content ready it’s now time to publish the content. Remember to be polite and concise while publishing your content on various platforms. After publishing, customers might want to reach out to you for more information, do not hesitate and get involved in answering any queries on which they need help.

Promotion: After the long process of research, placement and creation of content, don’t let you content sit in one place and fade out from the mind of the customers, ensure that you keep promoting your content. This will enable your customers to remember your product which is the ultimate aim of content marketing.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Content Marketing can be visualized as an art. It is the art of creating crisp messages that showcase your product and service. It is a method to build credibility for your product in the mind of the customers. Hence, content marketing plays an important role not only in terms of credibility but also to attain several business objectives in the following manner:

Generate leads: If the content provided about the product or service leaves an impression in the mind of the consumer, there is a high chance that the customer will want to gain more knowledge about the same and leave their contact details.

Boost reach and brand recognition: Content that addresses current issues, spreads like wild fire on social media. Using this as an opportunity, companies can increase their reach on the world wide web.

Customer loyalty and acquisition: The biggest challenge in any company is to retain their loyal customers. A well formatted content giving relevant information about the product or service, induces the customer to invest in your product. These customers not only stay loyal to the brand but also spread the word about your product to other potential customers.

Brand authority: Publishing content on a regular basis makes a brand a leader in that particular segment. Being a leader of the segment is important, as it builds trust and customers makes a purchase decision based on how much they can trust your product.

Address customer needs: Content posted on social media allows you to receive feedback. Feedback gives you an insight on the customer’s needs and behavior. This helps in making modifications to your product and service.

Better the content, better the SEO: An impressive content acts as a treasure chest for any SEO. When content seems interesting to a customer, it is immediately noticed, it drives customer to the business’s website and increases search engine rankings.

Content Marketing Statistics

If you still have doubts about the importance of Content Marketing in today’s business, here are some interesting facts that may convince you as to why Content Marketing is indeed the need of the hour and should be included in your marketing strategy.
• 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared each day. (source:
• On an average, 28% of marketing budget is now allocated towards content marketing
• 86% of B2B companies use content marketing
• 84% of content marketers rank brand awareness as a highly important goal for their content marketing
• 20% of Internet Users’ online time is spent on content
• 68% of users spend time reading about brands that interest them
• 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading about it

When Brands Made It Big with Content Marketing

The influence that content marketing can have in creating a brand is enormous. Some of the top brands in the world today are modifying their ways to market a product using content marketing. A few brands mentioned below will give you an idea of how powerful is this wonderful tool of content marketing.

Cisco: Cisco for its marketing campaigns used social media and content marketing on a large scale. However, this brand was a bit skeptical in using these strategies when they wanted to launch a new product. Cisco had launched a new router a few years ago and to market this product they used these digital marketing techniques. Turns out the results were magnificent. The digital marketing strategies helped them achieve a whopping $100,000 which was far more than anticipated.

Cox Media Group: Cox Media Group is one of the largest publishing, broadcasting and digital marketing companies in the world. They mostly market their services through traditional methods such as television, radio and print. They also use content marketing to help increase their online presence. Recently, Cox Media used an online ‘Success Kit’ that gives information to other businesses to succeed and engage with small and medium size businesses that Coz Media wanted to target. They published their content in several formats like e-books and videos. A report from G3 solutions stated that the ‘Success Kit’ received a mind boggling 5,000 downloads in the past year which enabled them to generate 2,000 leads.

Marriot Hotels: Marriot Hotels use content marketing to a whole new level. They created a new global studio that publish a variety of entertaining pieces of content related to the travel industry. According to David Beebe, Marriott’s vice-president of Creative, Content Marketing and Global Marketing, Marriott strives to become the number one travel content publisher in the world. Content marketing has always been a great strategy for Marriott to build its brand, and the company is encouraged that this new initiative will help even more.

Content Marketing is evolving as a new trend to market products in this technologically advanced market. With an aim to increase online presence, companies resort to all means of digital marketing that inform customers about their existence in the web world. eTrack Media, an SEO Company in Mumbai, helps companies identify their potential to reach and capture the set of audience who are in search of your product and service online. Using content marketing as a strategy, this company aims to educate your customers with the benefits and utilities of your product using interesting content that ultimately help you in generating more leads.

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