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Why does Digital Marketing Fail in Startups?

To move your business forward, it’s extremely crucial to create a digital marketing strategy as it helps a start-up internet marketing company in Mumbai produce great results. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing and you must have flexibility in your strategies. Those start-ups that don’t adopt new strategies clearly fail to apply digital marketing for their growth. In today’s tech savvy world, digital media plays a pivotal role for any start-ups to reach their target audience. However, if not implemented properly it can lead to the failure of the entire digital marketing campaign and eventually the start-up firm.

Reasons for the Failure of Digital Marketing in Start Ups

No Adequacy in Automation: These days there are numerous ways to automate marketing processes, and if you’re sharing all of your firm’s articles and sending emails manually then you are surely wasting your time. Tools such as Hubspot let you automate communications with your clients while still making it personalised and also lets you set up varied messages to be sent to those who take different actions on your web. In order to automate your content to be shared among all the social network communities, you can make use of Hootsuite and Hubspot amongst other tools, which can save you a lot of valuable time.

No outsourcing of Content Creation: You need to be consistent enough for being successful with your content marketing strategy, and to do this you’re required to create a lot of high quality content, which takes a lot of time. The best way to do this is to hire writers for creating articles or ebooks. Such writers have immense experience in writing and can create articles in a short period of time, leaving you more time to focus on other vital tasks.

No connection between Marketing, Sales and Communication Team: These three areas of business cannot be separated and if they are it could severely hurt your marketing efforts. Your marketing team must work with SEO and determine the best keywords to use whilst the communications team should then use the keywords within the content and the sales team must contact the leads acquired through both marketing as well as communication efforts.

Short of Communication Individual: Writing and organising content can be a daunting task for a start-up internet marketing company in Mumbai if it doesn’t have a communications individual. Such individuals are crucial to the team so as to prepare the most gripping content and to schedule it for publishing. This particular team member must have extensive experience working in the field so that it helps boost the firm’s image in public through several content, publications and media coverage.

No Plan of Action for Marketing Strategy: Strategies are essential but a plan of action is just as important. This plan requires information such as who does what by when. This makes a particular individual accountable for a task that has a deadline, which the entire team is aware of. It’s important to take some time to review the status of the goals as a group to keep an eye on the progress when you meet with the entire team.

While digital media is a powerful weapon to accelerate business growth, sustainable success in digital marketing for a start-up website marketing company in Mumbai generally takes a few months if not more and thus the journey to success involves a few failures as well.

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