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Effective Ad Campaigns for Facebook and LinkedIn

Effective Ad Campaigns for Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn are undoubtedly two of the most popular social networking websites in use. Both these websites have witnessed almost one billion users who spend a decent amount of time surfing, chatting or even marketing. Advertising campaigns seem to be successful on these platforms, especially because of the kind of traffic Facebook and LinkedIn attract. Small and medium enterprises are able to target relevant customers by creating promotional content.

The two basic types of campaigns that run on Facebook and LinkedIn are:

  • Cold traffic campaign
  • Remarketing campaign

Cold Traffic Campaign – Such campaigns target prospective customers who are new to the brand. It is used to generate interest in the minds of buyers, make people aware of the brand and build an audience portfolio.

Remarketing Campaign – Once companies build online audiences, brands can send follow-up emails or messages to remarket themselves and ensure brand recall. It works after sales, when customer loyalty has been successfully earned.

Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows users to launch campaigns in minutes. Its Campaign Manager supports ad formats sponsored content, text ads and sponsored InMail. Users can sign into Campaign Manager and create an account. It has several features, such as dynamic visual reporting, detailed breakout of the actions of sponsored content campaigns that include shares, likes, comments, clicks and follows the detailed view of demographical categories of LinkedIn users.

Sponsored content appears directly in LinkedIn feeds of professionals. Using this feature, companies can present messages on different devices, such as desktops, mobiles or tablets. Sponsored InMail delivers personalised content through LinkedIn Messenger. It helps reach relevant and targeted audiences. Text ads are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Impression (CPI) ads. Users can create and launch their own ads within minutes. LinkedIn would only pay for ads that users clicked.

Social media agencies in Mumbai believe that LinkedIn ads help businesses achieve four kinds of marketing goals – build brand awareness, drive traffic on websites, generate leads and boost sales.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook deals with two kinds of advertising, video ads and photo ads. Video advertising works well with TV ad campaigns and is considered the best medium to glorify a brand. Video ads should be less than 15 seconds to capture maximum user attention. These ads can be positioned between short web series, cookery shows or other social media content, depending on the relevance of the ads.

Facebook photo ads can have 25 characters of text along with the headline and link description. Advertisers also place a ‘Shop Now’ button at the bottom that takes users to its ecommerce website. It works well for selling new products and services. Facebook also has Messenger ads that are placed on the home screen of Messenger. This kind of advertising is used for connecting a larger audience directly with the brand. Companies often include a link that takes users directly to their websites. It becomes a direct form of advertising, as users are encouraged to click the link to know more about offers or discounts.

Positioning ads effectively is one of the crucial aspects of Internet marketing services, which should cater to relevant audiences and target the applicable user-base so that the idea of advertising is effective in due course.

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