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Google has measured 1 billion+ store visits from AdWords ads globally

There has been a phenomenal rise in e-commerce for all the major global stores. In spite of this, offline sales continue to contribute the major element of retail sales. An increasing number of consumers are beginning to use their smartphones for online shopping, thus, Google and other online players have been subjected to a lot of pressure to show advertisers how their online ads impact in-store behavior.

More than a year and a half ago, in December 2014, Google rolled out a new “Store Visits” metric in Estimated Total Conversions (ETC). It was aimed to close the online to offline attribution gap by tracking and measuring the AdWords. Since the time it was introduced, Google says it has measured more than 1 billion store visits globally, displaying the impact of online advertising on in-store traffic.

At the time of roll out, the metric was only made available to eligible advertisers in the US, which has been now extended to 1000 advertisers across 11 countries globally, including automotive dealers. Within 6 months of its introduction, in April 2015, according to data shared by Google, on an average, US retailers had seen 10 times more conversion from mobile search ads.

It works in a very interesting way; Google determines the store visit of a user depending on the proximity to the advertiser’s location on Google Maps from users who have activated Location History on their Smartphones. The metric estimates all the search ad clicks from all devices across the various ad types – campaigns, listing ads, etc. An important point worth noting is the metric only estimates the store visits and does not take store purchases into consideration.

Coming to Google searches, the search giant now handles at least 2 trillion searches per year, up from their earlier claim of 1.2 trillion in 2012. Although these numbers seem quite intimidating, it still does not confirm the exact number of ‘searches’ Google get in a year, a number which can be way above 2 trillion.

All this takes us to one conclusion, Google AdWords and the search results from the search giant are returning rewarding results for the stores. To help you gain momentum with your SEO plans, there are various website marketing companies in Mumbai eTrack Media is one such company which offers its website optimisation services in Mumbai along with an array of services for internet marketing.

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