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How to Increase Your Social Media Following?

Social media marketing works best when you have followers or fans. For any internet marketing or web designing company in Mumbai, generating leads is the eventual benefit of creating and maintaining a social media presence. However, as mentioned earlier, for making social media an effective lead generation machine, you initially need to generate a following. This refers to the followers and fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn along with other social media accounts. The more followers and fans you have for your social media presence, the better reach you’ll have, which means the probability to generate more leads. So for lead generation through social media marketing services, you need to take steps to increase your reach.

Yes, initially you could buy your first few hundred followers to get started. However, the key to a high quality social following is to actually earn your followers and fans. The reason being that the followers that you buy tend to be either fake or have low quality profiles, so they indeed serve no purpose except to artificially expand your follower count. You don’t get any expressive interaction from them. On the contrary, followers you earn are the individuals who’d like and share your photos, get to know more about you and your business, click on the links shared by you, and could even pursue a professional partnership with you in the future. To help you get started here are some tips to expand your social media reach.

Tips to Increase your Social Media Followings

Locate People who can Influence: Locate people in your network that act as influencers using a tool such as Buzzsumo. Then tag or mention them, share their content of comment on their blogs. As the relationship is built, they are more likely to share content with their followers.

Post Relevant Content: It’s good to share others content and should be an important part of your strategy, however, ensure to share your knowledge and insights as well.

Link About Us & Contact Us pages to Social Media Accounts: You have a chance to interact with these people on your website, provide them with another way to reach out to you.

Ensure to have social share buttons on each blog post: Ensure to include social media share buttons on each blog post and not just in your sidebar.

Tell Stories: Make use of stories to connect with and engage your fans in order to avoid being too promotional. Stories stand more chance of being shared than promotional content.

Link your Social Media Accounts everywhere: Don’t run away from linking your social media accounts to newsletter, blog, email signature, etc. Another unique way to connect with your fans.

Facebook Marketing services from a professional SEO company in Mumbai can also be used for making brand new connections with the reach Facebook commands. Nevertheless, following the above given tips can help you a great deal to increase your followers on the social networking sites that might further help you in your businesses branding as well.

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