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Instagram Marketing – Why It’s Successful!

Social media has become one of the most popular platforms for reaching as well as connecting millions of people all over the globe. It is no surprise that social media has become a go-to-medium for marketers to promote brands. Several companies now realize the benefits of having an online presence and feel the need to hire a digital agency for internet marketing services.

Many social media websites have an extensive reach, and promoting products/services through them would be fruitful. One of them gaining fast popularity is Instagram – which is a mobile, desktop and internet-based photo-sharing application, as well as service, that enables users to share photographs and videos. Instagram already has around 800 million users overall, and the number is rapidly growing. As a marketer, it makes sense to promote and publicize brands using this platform, as it can be shared with millions simultaneously.

Here are some of the key benefits of Instagram marketing.

• Increased Engagement

As per a study by Forrester, Instagram content seems to produce 58 times more interaction per follower as compared to Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. Since Instagram follows an algorithm-driven feed, the most popular posts get displayed first. Marketers can use this to their advantage, as they can use advertising features to get their post in front to be viewed first.

• Building Personality and Trust

In this digital era, many people choose to research products and services prior to making any decisions. Instagram is a good medium for research, since numerous photographs of the product or visual representation of the services being offered are posted. Audio/video content of company activities are also posted, creating an informal atmosphere. These features help make an emotional connect with the brand and thus help build trust.

• Traffic Generation

Though it is not possible to host clickable links on an Instagram post, it still manages to be a strong source of traffic. Moreover, since the photo-sharing application has shown higher levels f engagement, compared to Twitter and Facebook, creating as well as maintaining an interactive profile could be beneficial for the brand’s visibility.

• Reaching Target Audience

To target millennials, Instagram is the correct platform to market brands, as studies show that 37% in this age group use the photo-sharing app. But Instagram also caters to a diverse age group, as more people discover the joys of sharing their lives via pictures, and marketers can find success promoting varied brands aimed at wider audiences.

Instagram is an effective platform to promote brands. Several digital agencies who offer a host of SEO services are available. One of them is eTrack Media, a leading online marketing agency in Mumbai that offers social media marketing services, with Instagram marketing as one of the services that can be availed.

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