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Key Parameters that Professional Agencies Use to Determine SEO Pricing

For a business owner or someone in charge of managing a firm, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complicated concept to come to grips with let alone leverage it to benefit the business. To add to this, the online marketing landscape is increasingly teeming with SEO companies that promise lucrative results within a short span and employ one-size-fits-all approach. Whilst this method provides short-term boost in online visibility, it rarely gives good ROI in terms of lead generation and online conversions. Many businesses realise this once it’s too late.

As a result, understanding how an online marketing consultant prices its SEO services is one of the crucial elements that help you decipher between professional SEO firms and low-quality ones. Boosting your business’ organic rankings on Google and other search engines requires a customised strategy mapped considering factors, including nature of your business, its online marketing objectives, target audience, and regions you are willing to target, among others. Since all the above factors differ from business to business, SEO strategy, and in turn pricing, will vary accordingly.

Whilst the claims made by low-quality SEO firms may sound lucrative, these packages will offer little long-term value. On the other hand, professional online marketing consultants plan tailor-made strategies to suit respective business objectives. These agencies determine their SEO prices based on below-mentioned key parameters:

Site Authority: A well-established website with a higher level of awareness generated amongst the visitors will need lesser SEO efforts than a website which is recently launched. Since domain authority is one of the factors that search engines consider important, the pricing for optimising websites that haven’t yet established themselves in the online landscape will be on a higher side.

Search Engine Red Alerts: The cost of optimising a website would also depend upon whether that site has been penalised by search engines for violating their guidelines. Considering that search algorithms are always changing to encourage ethical white-hat SEO techniques, websites that employ black-hat methods to get to the top receive a penalty and hence their rankings plummet rapidly. Some common practices that endanger your site’s search health include keyword stuffing, cloaking, paid link-building strategies, low-quality links, and ad-heavy pages. Since the corrective actions to bring these penalised websites to the top will require greater resources and time, their SEO prices are bound to be high.

Keyword Competitiveness and Competitors’ SEO Strategy: In the online marketing realm, higher the competition of a keyword, more the price to optimise a website for that particular phrase. As a result, SEO activities for long-tail keywords with high specificity have low competition and hence, a lower price compared to broad phrases. To add to this, if your immediate competitors are appearing high up in the ranking results for the same phrase that you wish to target, your SEO plan will require more creative link-building and content strategies, and hence, more investment.

Nature of Goals to Be Achieved with SEO: Different businesses employ SEO to achieve different objectives. The SEO goals can range from short-term ones, such as increase in website’s organic footfalls during Christmas season to long-term ones, such as increase in repeat online sales. Needless to say, SEO goals requiring long-term engagement from leads and customers will employ a distinct strategy and will be invariably priced more by professional agencies.

Target Geographic Region: More the geographical reach to be achieved using SEO, more expensive will be the services. Targeting higher search results for the same keyword in a particular locality is cheaper than promoting the same keywords in multiple countries.

As a result, SEO pricing can serve as a litmus test to help business owners and marketing executives distinguish result-oriented SEO firms from second-rung agencies. Companies looking to gain considerable ground in the online marketplace should be wary of low-quality agencies promising them the world with standardised pre-configured packages.

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