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Key Reasons to Have a Responsive Website for Your Business!

The use of mobile phones and tablets for accessing the internet has increased significantly over the past few years. Allowing us the freedom to search on the go. The majority of the users depend on their smart phones to: search for products, seek information, or simply access their social media sites. Research even suggests that mobile traffic is soon going to surpass the desktop traffic. This exploding use of mobile internet has made the need of responsive website design absolutely essential.

Having a responsive website simply means your website is designed in a way that it can be easily viewed from multiple devices, including desktop, mobile phones, tablets, phablets etc. The images and layout used during a responsive website automatically adjusts itself to the size of the device used.

If you are a business owner and have a non- responsive website, then here are a few reasons that might help convince you to change to a responsive website:

1) Google’s Mobilegeddon Update: Google recently rolled out an update on April 21 2015 which stated that a new mobile-friendly algorithm has been added. It will now consider website’s ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a search engine ranking factor. Websites which aren’t responsive will gradually see a decline in their search engine ranking, thus leading to loss of traffic and sales. Striving to provide users with quality and relevant search results, Google’s mobile-friendly update is to ensure users receive best user experience. The mobile-friendly ranking factor has made it imperative for businesses to redesign their website and make it mobile-friendly to maintain their search engine rankings.

2) Increasing use of Smartphones: The use of smartphones has skyrocketed and around 80% of internet users today own a smartphone. One in every four online searches is conducted on mobile devices. Statistics show that 70% of searches conducted on mobiles lead to action within an hour. Additionally, it also highlighted that 57% of the users wouldn’t recommend companies with poor mobile displaying sites. Such enlightening statistics reinforces the need of responsive website design.

3) Single URL for Multiple Devices: Instead of having to design a separate mobile-site and do SEO for the same, the responsive website design allows businesses to have a single URL website for all devices. This makes it easy for businesses to maintain only one website and have all users directed to a single site.

4) Positive User Experience: Many a times, consumers access your website via mobile first and then switch to desktop to explore more about a product/service. While a user accesses your site for the first time on mobile, he/she would be frustrated if it required them to zoom in/out the images and graphics or if they found the entire layout with no proper alignment. This experience would turn off the user and make him/her search for another website. On the other hand, a responsive website design would easily help your users find what they were searching for, enhance their user experience and could lead them to make a purchase decision.

So, if you are looking to re-design your website or completely have a new responsive website then eTrack Media can help. Backed by our extensive experience, technical proficiency and a team of skilled and experienced web-designers and developers, eTrack Media is perfectly placed to handle all your website designing and development needs. Whether you require a static or dynamic website, we can help.

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