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Key Tips to Consider for Result-Oriented Instagram Marketing!

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with around 300 million active users. With its remarkable ability of conveying stories through visuals, Instagram is widely used by businesses for engaging with their customers, creating brand awareness and forming an emotional connection with their audience. Here are some important tips to consider whilst using Instagram for business:

Complete Your Profile: Your bio is the first thing that your followers will notice. Make sure your Instagram profile is completed with all the relevant information, including what your company is about, how consumers can benefit from your products/services and how they could contact you. You should also ensure that the information you provide is consistent across all social media platforms. Additionally, consider linking your Instagram profile with your Facebook and Twitter business accounts for a wider reach, increased visibility and higher engagement.

Use Relevant Hashtags: As hashtags categorises your content and makes it easily discoverable for your followers, it is important for businesses to use relevant hashtags in each post. Conduct research for most commonly used words that best describe your product/service. Cleverly use these keywords related to your business, your location and industry as hashtags. This can helps you find the right followers that actually require your product/services. However, do not abuse hashtags by over-using them. Have few but relevant hashtags for every post.

Upload Variety of Content: In order to make your brand stand out, you will need to share a variety of content that resonates with your brand and your follower’s interest. Do not just advertise your products; instead use visuals to tell a story about your brand. Showcase the teasers or sneak-peaks of your upcoming product launch, share behind-the-scenes photos and promote recent events you have hosted or attended. You can also share photos of satisfied customers using your product or their testimonials.

Engage and Interact with Your Followers: Show your followers you are interested in knowing about their experiences with your product/service and value their opinion. Encourage them to share their own photos with your product and share them on your page. Always reply to their comments and make them feel their opinion is important.

Host Interesting Contests: Running an Instagram contest is one of the most effective ways to create a buzz about your brand and can encourage interaction from your consumers. It increases your brand’s overall exposure, ignites interest amongst users and can help you gain loyalty from your followers. Giving perks or freebies related to your brand can help you form a personal connection with your fans whilst increasing visibility of your products/services.

So, if you want to get started and build your business presence on Instagram, eTrack Media can help. Led by a team of social media experts and creative designers, eTrack Media is one of the leading social media marketing services provider offering ROI-driven internet marketing solutions. Whether you want to create brand awareness or drive more sales, we can help.

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