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Let Your Business Capitalise on the Power of LinkedIn

The advent of social media has opened up unparalleled marketing opportunities for businesses to retain and expand their clientele. As social media connects with clients like no other platform, businesses are trying hard to maintain an effective presence on various social media platforms. One of the social media platforms, which has proven itself to be an indispensable tool for businesses, is LinkedIn. Unlike its social peers, such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn’s potential is often not completely realised by businesses.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 225 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. If used properly, it is a goldmine for business professionals and provides immense exposure without any expense. As a bespoke and effective LinkedIn Marketing services provider in the UK, eTrack Media explains how to effectively use LinkedIn to give your business an edge and drive valuable leads.

1) Setting up your Company Page: Building a professional LinkedIn Company Profile is the first step in using LinkedIn Marketing as a part of your social media strategy. Upload a profile picture that will represent your company and then complete other details such as headline, summary, interests, specialties and services in a manner that will differentiate you from your other competitors and make your clients want to connect with you. While completing your LinkedIn profile, utilise some keywords based on current market trends and target audience search queries. This will help your profile be listed on higher search engine rankings. Also, add a link to your blogs, website and twitter profile within your LinkedIn Profile. Your profile should reflect the company’s aim, objective, products/services, and industry expertise. Once your profile is complete you can start networking and building your audience.

2) Building Connections: LinkedIn is a great tool for networking with existing customers, potential customers, business partners, and industry experts, among other people. Add connections by importing email contacts from your database. In addition to the existing client base, you can add new connections by using advanced search option. Define your target audience and then add contacts related to your industry and those who would need your services/products.

3) Joining Relevant Groups: LinkedIn Groups are an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals, engage with new connections and showcase your expertise. Join groups related to your industry and start informative discussions. You should keep in mind that the purpose of the group is to share news, seek advice, tips and discuss topics of mutual interest. As a result, one should avoid excessive promotion of one’s own company, products or services. You can even create your own group with appropriate title and proactively initiate new discussions, post relevant news update and respond to other comments and questions.

4) Write and Ask for Recommendations: Recommendations are like reference letters that vouch for your work quality and success. It instils a sense of trust among new clients seeking to use your service whilst reinforcing your brand. However, before you ask for recommendation from your clients, write one for them.

5) Stay Active: Setting up a Company Page would prove futile if there are no updates on your page. You should frequently put status updates, share links to your press releases or blog articles, make announcements, list recent projects or updates about your achievements and noteworthy accomplishments. You should also be active in your groups by regularly initiating discussions or sharing your thoughts or responding to questions.

6) Track the results: After putting in effort to build your LinkedIn presence, you should monitor and analyse the results. It helps you to understand which strategies work best for your business and which don’t. Check how many connections you were able to build, how active is your group, how many people respond to your questions, and how many like your discussion. Most importantly, a crucial factor to consider is how much of your website traffic is directed via LinkedIn. You should also analyse the effectiveness of LinkedIn strategies in boosting your leads and sales.

LinkedIn Marketing is time-consuming; nevertheless, it is imperative for businesses wanting to expand and stay relevant in this age of social media. If you have limited knowledge of LinkedIn and limited time and resources, eTrack Media, a leading LinkedIn Marketing services company in Redditch, UK, can come to your rescue. Backed by a team of social media experts and knowledge of various industrial sectors, eTrack Media helps you grow your brand’s credibility on LinkedIn and make it your vital lead-generator.

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