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How New Google Maps Ad Can Help Your Business?

Few months back Google announced several changes concerning AdWords and Analytics during the Google Performance summit, while focusing primarily on mobile. Google has revealed many incredible mobile statistics. It introduced to expend Text Ads and got a sneak preview of the new Google’s AdWords interface and so much more. Another big change was described as “the next generation” of local search ads. There are numerous changes, but what is precisely going to change about new Google Maps local search ads? Let’s have a look:

Changing Face of Local Search Ads in Google Maps

Google has designed its map in such a way that it helps businesses enhance their visibility at time when people are searching online, particularly on a mobile device, for a place to shop or eat. In the nearby future, it will also divulge many new maps and formats along with features that are designed to drive more traffic to your physical location. These include promoted pins (such as brand logos), in store promotion, business pages and local inventory search. Google’s primary objective is to optimize the experience related to Google maps so that users actually get to see the ads.

Process through which Google Maps will select ads to show

There are numerous stores near your location, but some of the valuable ad spots. Only a few of vital stores would be spotted by it. Now the question is how does Google know which listing is the most relevant to the searcher? Google answered this question as – using a variety of ‘signals’, including:

• Query context
• Location. Search/browsing history
• Behaviours
• Interests
• Time of Day
• Demographics

Google Maps is doing similar to the ads serving used on the Google Display Network

Things to Change with Google Maps

Local pages are about to get a new look, all designed to enhance the traffic to your store. It’s quite beneficial for the physical business. When anyone taps on a local search, they will be directed to a page that advertisers can customize. The local pages will include vital business details, such as store hours, phone number, address and driving directions. Business can also come up with offers that are unique to promoted location and will also let people search an inventory of the business for the item they prefer. It will only illustrate the inventory relevant to the business.
Displaying the local inventory

As per the Google data, one in five people avoid visiting the store due to lack of information, whether the product is in stock or not. That’s the reason you should bring your local inventory information into your customizable local page, along with the capability to search through that inventory. You must provide the inventory feed to Google.

Cost of the New Local Search Ad

Advertisers are currently charged on a CPC, i.e. cost per click basis. These clicks consist of:
• Get directions
• Get location details
• Click to call

While the businesses wait for the access to the new ads, there are couple things they can do. Firstly, they must enable location extensions as only they could only show those ads with location extension enabled. Also, location extensions are proven to positively impact your performance.

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