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Instagram Marketing – Why It’s Successful!

Social media has become one of the most popular platforms for reaching as well as connecting millions of people all over the globe. It is no surprise that social media has become a go-to-medium for marketers to promote brands. Several companies now realize the benefits of having an online presence and feel the need to hire a digital agency for internet marketing services.

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How Remarketing Can Turn Visitors Into Potential Customers?

Top Digital Marketing Companies in India across the globe are constantly findings ways to help marketers explore the potential of an online market through various advertising techniques. Remarketing is another form of online advertising that helps marketers customise advertisements as per customer preferences and interest which helps in delivering customer requirements and boost sales. Remarketing tracks the behaviour of a customer online and displays advertisements based on their search patterns which motivates customers to make a purchase. This article aims to inform online marketers the benefits remarketing can offer to gain more and more customers and improve the potential of online market for businesses. Read More

Understanding CRO better

Investing in digital marketing renders no importance if marketers don’t receive adequate returns on their investment. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is considered as a lead generated in the digital world in the form of a product purchase, forms filled by a user, feedback generated by a user online or some form of movement made by a user online that is related to the offered product or service. As SEO Companies in Mumbai, India want to increase their return on investment through digital marketing activities it is essential for them to identify those tools available online that will help increasing CRO to a large extent by incorporating changes in the website, enhance user experience and initiate a product purchase by using CRO tools available online.

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The growing importance of Instagram Advertising

The total population of United Kingdom is of about 64.1 million, out of which 89% of the population are active users of the internet. In addition, 50% of the total population is engaged on Social Media from their mobiles devices. This highlights the rising and growing importance of Social Media Marketing services across the globe. Compared to last year the active users on Instagram has outgrown Twitter with about 300m on Instagram and 280m on Twitter. In UK, 90% of the active users on Instagram are below 35 years and are located in urban areas.  A report from eMarketer reveals that the total earnings from Instagram advertising is about to cross a figure of £1 billion in 2016.

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Using Snapchat for Business

Companies in order to ensure customers have a longer brand recall, they want to make their presence felt on all possible platforms including social media. Hence creating a profile on every upcoming platform is essential to acquire potential target customers. Snapchat is an upcoming social media app which is creating a frenzy among the youth and brands must take this as an opportunity to get creative and showcase their product in a unique way on Snapchat. Therefore, marketers must be aware of all the innovative features Snapchat has to offer in order to create their presence before probable competitors pick up pace and enter the world of Snapchat.  Read More

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