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Pokémon Go – The game changer in business activities

Nintendo and Niantic’s Pokémon Go has created a frenzy across the globe. The game uses Augmented Reality Software, which allows players to chase ‘Pocket Monsters’ through GPS geocaching technology, it motivates players to walk around neighborhoods and grab a Pokémon.

The game involves collecting over 250 Pokémon characters in a real life setting. To gather these Pokémons, players have to throw Pokéballs at the characters and collect them at retail stores or landmarks. As players keep collecting Pokémons, they can reach to the level of a ‘Pokémon trainer’, wherein the collected Pokémons can be taught how to fight. The objects that can be purchased within the game have helped Nintendo and its partners earn $1.6m per day through free downloads.

With only over a week since its launch, the app is being used in bars, businesses, restaurants, retail stores with an aim to increase footfalls through promotional events and Lure Modules, which is an area that makes it easier to catch a Pokémon. In a Lure Model, special items can be added to Pokéstops.

A Pokéstop gives a player a chance to receive an item every 5 minutes. To gather many items (each item taking 5 minutes) a player will have to wait for 15 minutes to half an hour at a Pokestop. If a restaurant outlet is located at a Pokestop, it can motivate customers to grab a bite while waiting for their favorite Pokémon items to load. Variety of businesses are tapping this opportunity by providing special offers so that fans can take advantage of a Pokestop. For example, L’inizio’s Pizza Bar in Queens has spent $10 in Lure Modules, this increased their food and drinks sale by almost 30%.

How businesses can increase sales through Pokémon Go

An average user spends about 43 minutes per day on Pokémon Go. This has reduced the time users spend on Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat and Whatsapp.


According to a report by TechCrunch, it was reported that Pokémon Go has topped Twitter’s daily users and they spend more time on Pokémon Go than Facebook. With these statistics, businesses have shown keen interest by utilizing this opportunity to attract customers in their outlets by using certain features of the app, such as –

Gym Battles

Gym Battles

A Gym battle is an area in which players can battle on behalf of their teams in a competitive fight for king-of-the-hill style domination. Suppose an outlet is located near a Gym, they can promote themselves as a Gym Battle outlet for all Pokémon Go lovers, as customers usually spend half an hour or more at a Gym, this becomes a battle to gain control of a particular Gym. With the time required to win a competitive battle, a customer can use the services of that outlet thereby increasing its sales.

Make use of Social Media

Businesses can promote themselves as a hot spot to grab a Pokémon by spreading a word on Social Media. Informing customers about the latest happening in your area with respect to Pokémon Go, provides an opportunity for customers to set foot in a nearby outlet. Customers who have never visited a particular outlet may visit that outlet just to grab their favorite Pokémon.

Advertise a rare Pokémon

There is a possibility that a particular location can be home to the rarest of Pokémon. For example, Pikachu is the most searched Pokémon by Pokémon Go fans. If a business is located in such an area which can provide Pokémon Go fans a rare Pokémon, businesses should advertise it to gain more footfalls in that outlet.

The repercussions of a Groupon Effect

An event that is trending now will eventually diminish with time. Frantic customers knocking doors of several outlets to grab their favorite Pokémon, may not prolong in the long run. Thus business need to ensure that customers remain even after the trend of Pokémon Go fades. Let us discuss few probable techniques which can help retain the customers after the trend fades.

Rise in customers, fall in service

Increasing number of customers means a growth in sales. However, a business can only increase its sales if the service provided is at par with this increasing footfall. A sudden increase in customers can drop the quality of service provided by the business.

Negative comments on Social Media

A poor service will lead to a poor customer experience. This may lead to unhappy customers leading to negative comments being posted on Social Media. Businesses with an intention to gain new customers may find it hard to retain their earned goodwill due to a poor quality of service.

Discounts and offers

With the intention to acquire more customers using Pokémon Go, businesses can provide special offers and discounts. This may increase the number of customers but overlook margins resulting in losses if the customers do not return after the trend fades away.

Local businesses can benefit from activities that are creating a buzz in the market. However, promotion of any business has to be done with care. As trends rise and fade, promotion of a business has to be done in a manner where the brand stays in the mind of the customer for a long period of time. To market products and services, it is essential to increase the business’s online presence to capture the fast paced target audience situated in the digital world. eTrack Media, a digital marketing company provides internet marketing services to boost your online presence and establish a relationship with your target customers online.

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