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how seo companies use remarketing to improve conversions

How Remarketing Can Turn Visitors Into Potential Customers?

Top Digital Marketing Companies in India across the globe are constantly findings ways to help marketers explore the potential of an online market through various advertising techniques. Remarketing is another form of online advertising that helps marketers customise advertisements as per customer preferences and interest which helps in delivering customer requirements and boost sales. Remarketing tracks the behaviour of a customer online and displays advertisements based on their search patterns which motivates customers to make a purchase. This article aims to inform online marketers the benefits remarketing can offer to gain more and more customers and improve the potential of online market for businesses.

In the rush to gain as many customers as possible, marketers want to retain their customers by constantly displaying their products on various websites in the form of ads. As customers have many options to scan before making a product purchase, it becomes increasingly difficult to compete with price wars and maintain customer loyalty.

To ensure customers stay in touch with a brand, digital marketers have come up with another form of advertising known as remarketing. On an average, a website has the potential to convert only 2% of their visitors into customers. Remarketing helps customers stay interested in the product and help marketers target the other 98% of potential customers.

What is remarketing?

When a user visits a web page with an intention to buy a product but decides not to buy it and leaves the web page, remarketing tracks that user and displays an ad of that product the user wanted to buy on other web pages the user plans to visit. Remarketing with AdWords enables marketers to show customised ads to previously visited users on other websites which induces the visitor to go back to the website and make a purchase. Through remarketing, the product is constantly displayed to the user which highly increases the chances to turn casual visitors into potential customers.

How does it work?

To get remarketing started, it is essential to link the Google Analytics account with the AdWords account and make some edits to the tracking tag code on the pages a marketer intends to track. It is preferable however to get these modifications done by a developer as if done incorrectly it could lead to unwanted changes on the website. After the code is set, a list of target areas must be analysed by the marketer to decide on the required users they want to track. As and when the marketer finalises the list of target users, cookies are placed on users’ laptops, phones and other devices from where the website is visited.

How remarketing can help marketers boost business?

Induce a product purchase

A typical user behaviour online is generally visiting a website, being interested in a product but not making a purchase. When visitors come across an ad of the same product while surfing other websites, the product connects with their buying decision and motivates them to make purchase.

Displaying relevant ads

The advantage of remarketing is that it helps target customers who will be interested in the product and have done relevant research about the product prior to its purchase. Displaying relevant ads will drive genuine customers and improve conversion rates which will generate adequate returns to a remarketing campaign. In addition, remarketing helps target those customers as well who are beyond a particular target area to bring in more potential customers.

Lower rate of CPC

Compared to CPC, the cost of remarketing ads is miniscule which makes remarketing a convenient marketing strategy. As remarketing delivers a higher conversion rate and a lower cost per click it is a preferred option by internet marketers.

Customise viewership of ads

Google AdWords enables marketers to select who will be the viewers who can see the ad. For instance, customers viewing a product on the website will see the ad of that product when visiting other websites. Moreover, after a purchase is made by a customer, marketers can delete that customer from their tracking history. Thus, when adopting a remarketing strategy, marketers must bear in mind that more filtered the target audience will be, higher the rate of conversions will be attainable with remarketing.

Understand consumer behaviour

Remarketing helps in identifying those customers who make repeat purchases and find out how many times a customer has viewed the ad before making a purchase. It also keeps a data on the existing customers’ buying behaviour as well as on customers who show interest in the product that can be utilised by marketers to understand what exactly the customer is in the lookout for.

Increase sales with a minimal advertising budget

The objective of remarketing is to target not only regular customers but also customers who seem to show some interest in the product. Through a wide customer base, the potential to boost sales increases and it gives marketers a platform to connect with customers. Moreover, the cost of CPC is lower than standard search marketing that reduces the expenditure of advertising.

Smart SEO companies in Mumbai, India are utilising remarketing not only for its reduced cost benefits but also to understand what its customers prefer in a product. Remarketing helps marketers to identify certain preferences about a new customer which help in customising ads. Search engine optimisers are constantly exploring the benefits remarketing has to offer and motivate marketers to evolve from traditional advertising methods and branch into the online world of advertising.

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