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A SEO Company in the UK That Evolves With Time

As they say, what is truly constant in this world is ‘change’; and the best example in this regard is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The pace or the manner in which search engines evolve may not go down well with most of the SEO companies that are not fully ready for such paradigm shifts. However, eTrack Media, an SEO company based in the UK specialising in Internet Marketing services has always fine-tuned its strategies according to the search engine updates. In order to evolve with the search engine updates, it is absolutely necessary to identify the way SEO tasks were executed in the past and replace it with the methods recommended by search engines today. Following are the key areas of Search Engine Optimization and what has changed in them recently:

Previously, internet marketers concentrated on the main keyword that was obtained by research and the strategies were completely centred on that particular term. The aim was to achieve top rankings based on that particular keyword. In recent times, this keyword mentality has given way to ‘semantic SEO’, which focuses more on what people type into the search engines. A SEO company based in Redditch in Worcestershire, eTrack Media gives more attention on the intent of the searches, rather than the keyword alone.

In the past, marketers got their content written with the sole purpose of getting better rankings. Keywords in the content were given greater importance than the actual content. The recent Panda algorithm changed this attitude of internet marketers for good. At eTrack Media, a SEO company based in the Worcestershire town of Redditch near Bromsgrove, content is written mainly for the purpose of engaging readers and the spotlight is more on relevance.

Link building:
Marketers always knew that the purpose of link building is to build links from relevant sources, but this was not what they did before the recent search engine updates. All they did was fit in keyword-rich links on various websites, and place links in forums and directories. Today, building relationships has acquired more significance than building links. As a SEO company in Worcestershire that believes in evolving with time, eTrack Media formulates link building strategies by placing more importance on the relevance of websites.

Not so long ago, the SEO companies focused on improving the rankings on search engines and did not give too much importance to the methods employed in order to get there. As a result, the brand image was affected in the process of attracting visitors. Today, the focus has shifted to improving the brand’s reputation online and engaging the audience. It is more about communicating with the potential customers and understanding their feedback or suggestions on a particular product or service. The idea is to improve the rankings by increasing the number of shares and obtaining natural links.

Engaging the audiences is being given so much importance that Social Media is also considered on par with SEO by most of the internet marketing companies. As a SEO company in the UK offering internet marketing services for all types of organisations, eTrack Media strongly believes in using Social Media to complement its SEO strategies. This proves to be an effective way of connecting with audiences and increasing brand awareness of its clients online. Contact us to help your organisation gain visibility on the search engines and improve its brand awareness.

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