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Six Tips to Help Your Business Build A Strong Presence on Twitter

With over 270 million active users, Twitter has come a long way from being just a micro blogging platform to a powerful business marketing tool. It has opened many avenues for businesses to connect to millions of potential customers online, engage with them, create awareness about their products/services and help gain a competitive edge over their competitors. However, many businesses limit their twitter marketing strategy to simply setting up of a business account and sending out occasional tweets about their business. Twitter marketing extends much further than this. Below are a few tips for businesses to consider whilst building a strong presence on Twitter:

1) Optimize Your Twitter Bio:

A bio speaks volumes about your company and its beliefs. Hence, have a short, well-written bio that informs your followers what your company is all about and how can they benefit from using your products/services. Your bio should reflect the same tone and voice as mentioned on the website and other marketing collateral. It should also include the link to your website to help your followers learn more about you.

2) Connect with Industry Experts:

Networking with influential people belonging to your industry has significant benefits. They have a huge fan base following them, retweeting them and engaging with them. Whatever the influencers endorse, it immediately reaches out to their huge fan base, eliciting a reaction from them. Hence, identify influencers belonging to your field and try to build a strong relationship with them. This can be done through sharing their content, offering feedback on written articles and engaging with them all just a few ways to connect with industry experts and initiate a conversation with them.

3) Tweet Regularly:

Tweeting once a week won’t do your business any good. In order to build a solid presence on Twitter and build loyal fans, you need to tweet on a regular basis. Tweeting frequently indicates you are active on Twitter and evokes interest amongst your fans. Share content relevant to your industry without being too promotional.

4) Engage with Your Fans:

Show your fans you value their opinion by favouriting and retweeting their best tweets. Strike a conversation with them and know what they think of your product/services. Add a personal touch to your conversation and ask them for suggestions to improve your service.

5) Make Use of Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags expand your reach to a wider audience beyond your followers list. Using the right hashtag in your tweets will make your brand noticeable to people, even outside your followers list, looking for your products. Brands can also take advantage of the already trending hashtag by making it relevant to their business products.

6) Use Images and Videos:

Visual content has a higher impact on audiences than written content. Research shows that tweets with video links or images have higher chances of being retweeted than plain text. Share ‘behind-the-scene’ photos, giving audiences an insight into your business, which cannot be seen anywhere else.

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