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Why SEO Companies in Mumbai Say Social Media is Important for Businesses

Why Social Media is Important for Businesses

Why SEO Companies in Mumbai Says Social Media is Important for Businesses

Why Social Media is vital for business? Considering the digital era we live in, online ranking and internet visibility is a must. There are some statistics that support the need of social media for businesses. 71% of consumers who had a great social media service experience with a brand are the ones who might recommend it to others. 95% of online adults aged 18-34 are more inclined to follow a brand through social media. Up from 36% in 2014, Facebook influenced about 52% of consumer’s online and offline purchases in 2015. Over 50 million small businesses utilize Facebook Pages to connect with their customers. Out of them, 4 million of those businesses use paid social Media advertising on Facebook. The share of marketing budges spent on social media is anticipated to more than double in the next 5 years. It is expected to jump from 11% to 24% by 2020. When it comes to start-ups, around 61% of them use social media for marketing. eTrack Media, a leading SEO Company in Mumbai, India can aid businesses by offering several SEO services in Mumbai that can help in producing traffic, increase ranking and eventually exhibit growth in sales.

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