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Social Media Marketing Bloopers Small Businesses Should Look to Avoid

While small business owners have tons of demanding issues and priorities to focus their resources on, they commit some serious bloopers in the process of managing social media presence themselves. The most common ones are summarised here:

Complete Oversight
Completely overlooking social media as a marketing tool is one of the biggest blunders they commit. And, the most common justification they give is that they always run out of time to understand social media’s impact on their business. It is extremely important, more so for small businesses, to take time and think about the behaviour of their target consumers. Equally important is to map out a strategy that they can employ to engage with customers and reinforce your brand name.

Diving Right in Without a Strategy
Social media is a vast playground and it is extremely easy to get lost in the maze, let alone use it to strengthen and drive your business. It is imperative to monitor what your competitors are doing on various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Subsequently, they should decide on the objectives that social media marketing is expected to achieve and accordingly plan a cohesive social media marketing strategy. This strategy should be in line with its overall marketing and search-engine optimisation efforts.

Not Sustaining your Strategy
Drawing out a suitable social media strategy is one thing and sustaining it is quite another. If you decide to use social media for marketing, you have to continually engage with your target audience, encourage a healthy dialogue, share with them fresh updates in the field, and sometimes resolve their issues.

Sidestepping Two-Way Conversations
If small businesses treat social media as one-way promotional tools, they are surely going to be overlooked by their target audiences. On the other hand, if you encourage a dialogue, proactively engage them, and share helpful bits of secondary information, they are going to stick with your company and indirectly give you the ROI on your efforts.

Inconsistency with the Overall Marketing Plan
Maintaining the same brand identity is extremely important. If your branding elements on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles don’t match the ones on your website, your target audience will get confused and finally bounce off to other avenues. These elements include backgrounds, photos, product/service descriptions, and keywords. However, a unified and cohesive brand identity across several media will strengthen your brand and increase the frequency and duration of their visits.

Although small businesses understand the importance of SEO, they fail to integrate their social media marketing and online reputation management activities with their larger marketing plan. However, the decision-maker authorities in small firms have to look into more pressing priorities which is why well-planed social media management takes a back seat. So, whether you are interested to reinforce your brand, have a result-oriented online presence, win relevant leads, or plainly engage your customer base in a dialogue, eTrack Media has got you covered.

If starting a professional social media presence is your requirement, then you can certainly end your search by appointing eTrack Media. One of the best SMM companies in the UK, we offer a range of result-oriented social media marketing services that adds value to your overall marketing plan.

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