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Social Media Tactics to Connect with your Clients

Today, social media has enabled our clients, prospects, and staff to be connected 24/7 irrespective of their location. More and more internet marketing companies in Mumbai are utilizing social media marketing, however, they aren’t sure how to best do it in a way that attracts and connects with current and probable clients. Below are some strategic ways that an online marketing company can adopt to leverage social media to connect with clients:

  • Listen initially to the clients: Similar to any relationship, people want to be heard. It’s important to always be available and pay attention in the channels preferred by your customers. This plays a very important role in building trust.
  • Give knowledge and insight: The client companies not only have the tools, but they put in efforts to know who you are irrespective of how you connect
  • Create communities: Great firms create communities where staff, clients, partners and products can connect. Making introductions and connecting individuals who can provide solutions means saving time and money for all parties.
  • Know the strength of choice: Clients have a lot of expectations. Knowing that they have the power of choice is one more crucial point in connecting with clients. You need to earn their trust.
  • Create continued value through content: Clients, partners, stakeholders and prospects require valuable content. Good content will certainly help them execute their business functions to a great extent. By listening, building communities, and having knowledge and insight of your community, you’ll know the content that you need to resonate with your clients. Also, making it easily available in the format that they expect, whether it’s a blog post, an ebook, video or case study.
  • Provide something that they can talk about: If you wish to engage your clients, give them the opportunity to respond to you. Make use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as your company blog to ask some thought provoking questions related to your industry that will encourage clients to connect in digital conversation. Provide your clients a reason to share the ideas that you post with their circle of friends and networks.
  • Provide a reason to Trust you: You know your industry extremely well and have insider tricks and tools that an average individual doesn’t have. So, it’s better to share them. Make use of social media to provide tips on the ways to enhance the lives of your clients or their business.

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