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Importance of digital marketing services to Government bodies

When we say Government bodies, the first thing that comes to our  mind is long waiting hours. This can be because not all government agencies are as well-equipped as private agencies. There is a difference between the equipment and technology used by government bodies and other private organizations.
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Landing Pages – What’s the Big Deal?

When designing their websites, many clients have one prime question to ask – ‘What is a landing page and why is it so important for their campaigns?’ The answers to this question are simple but needs to be understood from a wider perspective.

A landing page is nothing but a “page” that user lands on in response to a call to action or advertisement. Simply put, a landing page gets traffic from everywhere other than the actual site. Landing page shouldn’t be created as a simple page to display names and numbers or a page displaying long sales forms, it is essentially a welcome page to draw attention of the visitors to the rest of the site. There is a list of website marketing companies in Mumbai offering SEO services and as a part of that service or a standalone project, they help you create innovative landing pages and manage them. Read More