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Importance of digital marketing services to Government bodies

When we say Government bodies, the first thing that comes to our  mind is long waiting hours. This can be because not all government agencies are as well-equipped as private agencies. There is a difference between the equipment and technology used by government bodies and other private organizations.
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6 Types of YouTube Advertising Format

YouTube is one of the major channels along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram that can be used for business promotion through the means of advertising. It’s one effective means for business advertising and part of SEO services in Mumbai that can help the organization achieve desirable growth. Here, we look at 6 different types of videos that one can use for video advertising on YouTube. Read More


SEO vs PPC Website_Infographic

SEO & PPC are two sides of the same coin with both helping to generate valuable leads.  Getting effective SEO services in Mumbai can help businesses benefit for a longer term while in PPC they get instant results but for a short term. As soon as the PPC is stopped the results stop coming. Both services have their own benefits and cater to businesses having varying lead generation needs, though SEO is considered to have a slight edge over PPC.

How New Google Maps Ad Can Help Your Business?

Few months back Google announced several changes concerning AdWords and Analytics during the Google Performance summit, while focusing primarily on mobile. Google has revealed many incredible mobile statistics. It introduced to expend Text Ads and got a sneak preview of the new Google’s AdWords interface and so much more. Another big change was described as “the next generation” of local search ads. There are numerous changes, but what is precisely going to change about new Google Maps local search ads? Let’s have a look: Read More

How voice is changing online search and how SEO companies should utilise?

The art and science of search engine optimization (SEO) has changed quite dramatically in recent years, this is due to Google’s algorithm tweaks including the recent mobile friendly update. Just as significant as mobile, however, is voice. Professionals practicing SEO need to prepare for future wherein queries come from voice input on mobile devices and where Google, to satisfy those voice queries, will increasingly highlight direct answers. Google searches yield direct answer results, also known as ‘rich answers’ in response to particular user questions, rather than delivering an assortment of links to other websites.It’s no surprise that Google is focusing quite heavily on voice search and natural language going forward when you consider that in 2015 alone, voice searches rose from ‘statistical zero’ to make up 10% of all searches globally. Read More