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Top SEO Company in Redditch, UK Offers 3M Advantage

Speaking of social media and search-engine marketing (SEM), gone are the days when small and medium-sized businesses in the UK used their websites, Facebook, Twitter and Google AdWords just to provide information on their products/services, networking, and information-sharing. While social media sites, combined with prudent online marketing strategies, have carved their way into the marketing plans of forward-looking firms, they have a huge potential to give your business an edge over your competitors.

Whether your firm is based in Redditch or neighbouring Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, a well-planned result-oriented search-engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can help your firm generate valuable leads, drive relevant traffic to your site, reinforce your brand, and seek customer’s feedback. While small and medium firms understand the significance of SEO, one of the most common blunders they commit is that they treat SEO, SEM, and SMM as standalone activities. The key to planning a prudent and successful online marketing strategy is to see it as a function of your organisation’s larger marketing plan. This is exactly what we, at eTrack Media do. A top SEO company in Redditch and Bromsgrove, eTrack Media first understands the client’s marketing strategy. This involves collecting and studying highly relevant information, including company’s background/history, their products/services, the geographic markets and business sectors in which they operate, their customers’ demographic/psychographic profile, and the nature of their business competition.

Once we have this information in place, we map out a customised online media and marketing strategy keeping in mind the three Ms: Monitor, Manage, and Measure.

eTrack Media reviews the current rankings of client’s website on leading search engines besides evaluating their social media activity, directory listings, and web page optimisation vis-à-vis their marketing objectives. Here, potential gaps within the client’s SEO and SMM activity are discovered.

Once we know the gaps and study their marketing objectives, we propose a range of solutions to boost their online presence. This includes website optimisation; search engine submission; SMM for Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, etc.; link building; directory listings; social bookmarking; article submission; and creation of customized content. After the go-ahead from a client, we either make the required changes directly to your website and social media sites or communicate the client on the changes to be made.

Post-implementation of changes, we constantly measure and track the client’s website, their social media activity and website listings to identify grey areas which could be further improved. And, to keep you in the know from start to finish, we provide a simple-to-understand eTrack Media report which helps you understand the difference between pre-campaign and post-campaign results.

So, if you are busy hunting for a first-class SEO company in UK, your search is over with eTrack Media. Our tried-and-tested SEO expertise can certainly help your business create a strong brand presence and effectively reach a larger segment of your target market.

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