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seo companies in mumbai understanding CRO

Understanding CRO better

Investing in digital marketing renders no importance if marketers don’t receive adequate returns on their investment. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is considered as a lead generated in the digital world in the form of a product purchase, forms filled by a user, feedback generated by a user online or some form of movement made by a user online that is related to the offered product or service. As SEO Companies in Mumbai, India want to increase their return on investment through digital marketing activities it is essential for them to identify those tools available online that will help increasing CRO to a large extent by incorporating changes in the website, enhance user experience and initiate a product purchase by using CRO tools available online.

Every marketing strategy in the digital world is undertaken with an objective of generating leads in the form of post likes, product purchase, form filling etc. This move made by a user online is considered as a conversion. Conversion rate optimization is defined as a customer making a product purchase after viewing it online and is generally a matter of concern for e-commerce firms.

Since any digital marketing activity requires a significant amount of investment, marketers have to monitor how various campaigns have worked for the firm. To monitor conversion rate, certain tools are utilised by internet marketing agencies in India to observe user behaviour and identify those key points in a website that induce some movement by the user in the form of post likes, feedback forms, product purchase and so on. Further we discuss a few commonly used tools used by marketers and digital experts.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is considered as an important tool in the digital world to track digital marketing strategies applied by digital experts to generate a lead online. Google Analytics provides an overview about all activities that take place on the website, such as visitors logging on the website, location of users visiting the website, amount of time spent by a user on the website, various products in which users show more interest and a lot more. Thus, Google Analytics helps to monitor such key aspects that enable marketers to plan new ways and means to increase visitors on the website and apply creative techniques to induce a product purchase.

A/B Testing

With time, a website needs to adapt to the changing trends to keep visitors engaged to the website and therefore, marketers need to bring in variations in the website and keep testing these variations to determine what will work best with the user. This technique to test different variations for the website is termed as A/B Testing. Variations could be in the form of pages with different text, taglines, button colours, image size and titles. By applying such variations, marketers can identify the outcome of these variations when applied and select the best option for the website and incorporate those variations in the final website for a better user experience.

Heat Maps

As variations are applied to improve user experience and engagement, heat maps help identifying those key areas on the website which are the most interesting to the user. It gives an overview of which areas are the most navigated by the user on the website and how many images or pages were viewed most by the users.

Methods to improve conversion rate optimization

Reducing the web page loading time

A research conducted by Google revealed that when web pages took time to load, searches reduced by 0.2%-0.6% which is approximately a loss of 14,000 searches per minute. Technology advancements has made sure that web pages’ load faster which has made users accustomed to faster loading web pages. Faster loading of web pages is considered one of the most important aspect for conversion rates. Amazon revealed that slow loading of web pages resulted in a 7% drop in conversions that led to a loss of $1.6 billion. These results indicate the importance of reducing loading time of web pages.

Uncluttered web page design

Web pages not only have to be designed in a manner that is user friendly but also needs to be easy to navigate. A simplified and uncluttered web page design enables the user to select products easily and proceed to check out in the case of e-commerce websites. Complex web page designs can annoy the user which in turn can lower conversion rates significantly.

Goal oriented websites

A website which deviates from its product and focuses on irrelevant topics can lead to disastrous results in conversion rates. Websites must focus on what a business specializes in rather than providing unnecessary information, as it can lower the interest of the user towards the website and fail to generate any lead.

Visually appealing websites

Creative and visually appealing websites determine the time a user will spend on the website. As the attention span of a user is limited, a visually appealing website plays a vital role for conversions. If a website fails to grasp the attention of the user, then gaining conversions can seem a herculean task.

Catchy headlines

An impressive headline determines if the user will navigate a website as it has the maximum potential to generate a lead. For instance, Movexa improved their conversions 89.97% due to impressive headline. Their headline was changed from ‘Natural Joint Relief’ to ‘Natural Joint Relief Supplement’.

CTA buttons

CTA buttons should be designed in a manner that when a user visits the website, the CTA button should first capture the attention of the user. A CTA button should match in accordance with the appearance of the website and business profile. For instance, a red CTA button for food and beverage websites, a pink CTA button for women oriented websites and so on.

Collect information from surveys

Form filled by a user provide heaps of information that can be incorporated to improve conversions. Feedback in any form by a user can be used extensively for website variations as well as address the need of the user.

In the online world, generating conversions is a must as it is the only source for increased return on investment. Focusing on a few areas for conversion helps to significantly improve performance of a website which in turn brings the required return on investment for a firm. Using simple tools and incorporating minor changes in the website helps to create a better impression in the mind of the user. Hence, firms and digital marketing experts must identify the scope of improvement in their website and incorporate necessary changes to enhance user experience, engagement and product purchase.

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