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How to use Instagram to Increase Sales?

Many know Instagram as a social media platform where you can post pictures and videos, much like that of Facebook. However, not many know that Instagram can act as a great influencer for potential customers and that too without making any hard-sell pitches. In several ways, this social media platform is a great way to appeal to your potential clients without making it look like you are. Many people find this to be the best kind of marketing and several digital marketing companies in India are including this as part of their internet marketing services.

Ways to use Instagram to Increase Sales:


Ensure to have a Business Instagram Account

This account must be separate from your personal account, since you would be using it for the purpose of business, i.e. for increasing sales. It’s good not to mix business with pleasure on social media, because your potential customers would rather see the services or products you’d offer them through your marketing plan than your personal pictures.. They would prefer seeing pictures related to products/services, promotions, etc., which could appeal to them and thus entice them to buy.

Ensure consistent branding

Consistency and repetition are good when it comes to branding, the more the better. It means that your business must be reflected through your Instagram handle along with your profile picture displaying your business’s logo. This will help customers remember your brand as the logo will always be attached with your name when you interact or post things across the account. Another important aspect of consistent branding is what tone of business you adopt? Include the happy work culture and some fresh things when you write captions or comments.

Post Snaps that will generate a response

All human beings are visual creatures as they like everything that’s visually appealing. This is the reason that a Twitter or a Facebook page with a snap would generate more likes than the one without. At times, a picture says more than words, so ensure that you explore the power of visual communication when you post snaps on Instagram. Ensure that the photos you post in your account are relevant to your business that will help you drive sales, increase people’s interest and would speak for themselves. Also, remember that you don’t do a hard sell pitch here. The photos here would let your potential customers make an informed decision and form an opinion about your products or services with you making them understand how valuable they are. Remember, there’s a fine line between gently influencing your customers and pushing hard for sales. Ensure that you don’t cross it.

Instagram is a platform which a good SEO agency in Mumbai can use to its benefits, as it’s a place where people from all over the world come together to share some part of their lives. So, ensure to use this platform to your advantage.

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