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Using Pinterest Effectively To Promote Your Business

Over the last few years, companies offering services for Social Media Marketing in Bromsgrove, Redditch, London and other areas in U.K have brought about a radical change in the methods in which several business activities are conducted. Each Social Media platform has its own identity which can be utilized to acquire new customers. For instance, Facebook is used for creating a wider social network and spread the word of a brand by posting updates related to trending events and activities. Instagram and Pinterest have a visual based platform which attracts attention of the viewers and can influence them to buy a product.Social Media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have created a buzz for visual marketing. Research reveals that by 2018, 84% of communication will be conducted by visual mediums and 79% of internet traffic will be generated through videos. Pinterest is that Social Media platform that enables marketers to utilize visual marketing at its best by uploading pictures in the areas that suits them and provide users a visually attractive prospect for their products and service.

Why should businesses use Pinterest?

A marketer will adopt that marketing strategy which brings in the optimum return on investment. As visual marketing is an upcoming trend, marketers will think of applying a visual strategy only if they can see other businesses benefiting from the applied marketing strategy and businesses have benefited in creating a visual impact about a product in the mind of the customer with the use of Pinterest. Below statistics reveal some interesting facts about Pinterest:

Around 17% of the population visits Facebook with the intention of purchasing a product whereas 80% of the viewers on Pinterest make a decision as to what to purchase.


Pinterest has over 75 billion Pins and 1.5 billion boards


3/4th of the content that people ‘Pin’ comes from businesses


90% of users on Pinterest are there to make a purchase.


What businesses should know about Pinterest

Pin your content:

A business using visuals or writing blogs on their website must pin their content on Pinterest, as when a content is pinned or even if someone else pins it, it enables the viewer to follow that pin and visit the business website directly. Buttons like ‘Visit it’, ‘Read it’ and ‘Follow’ help the content creator to draw more viewers to the company website.

Generate leads and website traffic

Marketers generally use Facebook to publish ads to create brand awareness but in reality Pinterest has the potential to drive more website traffic than all social media platforms combined. Pinterest is the second largest driver of social media traffic behind Facebook.

No time limit for a pin

An update on twitter lasts for 24 minutes, on Facebook it lasts till 2 hours and on Instagram a photo lasts for 72 minutes. However, a pin on Pinterest lasts forever.

How businesses can optimize Pinterest

Target the right customers

Pinterest is useful once marketers have decided the set of customers that they are aiming to sell their product. A study revealed that Pinterest is used mostly by women and if a business is targeting the age group of 15 to 29 then Pinterest is the right platform to market the product. However, if the target audience is catering to the male population then it is better to advertise on other social media platforms.

Organize all boards

Pinterest enables to sort products of different categories into several boards. Thus, each product can be categorized into a board, giving the viewer preference on the type of product the customer is in search for.

Add pins on a regular basis

Adding pins on a regular basis gives an impression to the customer that the business is updated and is currently trending. To increase presence on Pinterest, adding pins regularly helps to boost the reach of products and easily get discovered by Google. Advertising on other social media platforms can get annoying for customers and can drive them away, whereas Pinterest presents the product on several boards giving the customer the autonomy to click on the pin of their choice.

Timing of the post

Some pins may perform better on certain days of the week as on those days’ people might be in search for a particular product, diverting more traffic towards a particular search. It is advisable to post pins between 2 to 4 pm and 8 to 1 pm or try and test different timings to increase reach of the brand.

Buyable Pins

Buyable pins on Pinterest allows users to buy a product with a click of a button on the pin of a product. This enables the user to buy directly from the pin rather than leave the page in order to find the company website to make a purchase.

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Bal Rai is an Internet Marketing Consultant at eTrack Media, a leading SEO Company in The UK that provides the best search optimisation services, web design and development services and social media management services to full-service marketing firms as well as end clients.

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