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Using Snapchat for Business

Companies in order to ensure customers have a longer brand recall, they want to make their presence felt on all possible platforms including social media. Hence creating a profile on every upcoming platform is essential to acquire potential target customers. Snapchat is an upcoming social media app which is creating a frenzy among the youth and brands must take this as an opportunity to get creative and showcase their product in a unique way on Snapchat. Therefore, marketers must be aware of all the innovative features Snapchat has to offer in order to create their presence before probable competitors pick up pace and enter the world of Snapchat. 

There is a tendency among users across the world to treat an upcoming social media platform with time as a passing fad. Rightly so there are chances that some platforms may seem irrelevant to advertise over a period of time as online viewers can get saturated with the same content and therefore marketers and customers are always on the hunt of discovering something new that keeps the marketer as well as the viewer engaged to the digital world.

An example of an upcoming social media platform is ‘Snapchat’, an app which has connected acquaintances, friends and work colleagues with the ability to provide a glimpse of their social life and real time events through trendy snaps and emoticons. With over 150 million active users, a number which has surpassed Twitter user base, Snapchat has enforced SEO Company in Mumbai and other regions in India to pay attention to this platform to use it as an advertising medium for promotional purposes. Majority of the users on Snapchat are females belonging to the age group of 13 and 34. Snapchat seems like an ideal platform to showcase upcoming brands and target the set of audience easily through trendy images and videos.

The growth of Snapchat has been phenomenal over the years and this can be validated with the following statistics:

• This app attracts 100 million viewers daily. On an average, a user spends 25 to 30 minutes on the app every day and 60% of them use Snapchat to create photos and videos

• It is estimated that 60% of smartphone users in U.S between the age group of 13 and 34 use the app

• Snapchat videos receive over 10 billion views daily which is 2 billion more views than Facebook

• 77% of college students use Snapchat on a daily basis and 58% of college students are most likely to make a product purchase when a coupon is received through the app.

How Snapchat can elevate a marketing strategy

Market a product

Snapchat has certain features that can be effectively used to market a product and using these features can be helpful in building an honest relationship with the customer. A content published on Snapchat lasts for a duration of 24 hours which restricts any user to edit the content once published. Hence images or videos published for a product have to be posted in real time, thereby building a trustworthy relationship with the user. With Snapchat, a user can provide a sneak peek of the product being used in live events, provide teaser videos for a product campaign and use doodles, filters or emoticons to enhance the content.

Use creative skills

Snapchat is that platform which enables a marketer to apply creative tools which can help in creating an attractive product. Several tools such as geofilters, music, drawing options etc., make it easy for a marketer to showcase their creative abilities through the product to the end customer.

Increase user engagement

As Snapchat enables marketers to get creative while marketing the product, business owners can use this to their advantage and generate leads by offering discounts or by posting unique and funny images related to the product. To strengthen the relationship between the product and the customer, experts suggest to post ‘raw’ images that help in building an informal bond with the customer.

Use the first mover advantage

As big players in the market are yet to establish their presence on Snapchat, connecting with customers at an early stage helps to establish an authority over other brands. As an early entrant in this platform, marketers can build a stronger community before other players make their entry on Snapchat.

Send and receive money with Snapcash

Snapcash is a feature that enables a user to send or receive money to their contacts by linking their debit card to the app. Businesses who are looking to create an ecommerce portal with Snapchat can capitalize on this feature.

How to use Snapchat for Business

Share unseen content

Content that is true and not doctored, grabs attention of the viewer. Exclusive content published has the capacity to generate new leads and sharing unseen footage such as after work hours or work culture helps setting an informal personality for the brand that enables a user to connect freely with the brand.

Provide coupons and discounts

As content published on Snapchat lasts for a duration of 24 hours, offering special discounts and coupons help increase customer engagement as users will keep logging in to avail new offers. As and when customers’ login frequently, marketers can provide additional insights about the brand and generate customer loyalty.

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat Stories is a feature on Snapchat that includes a short video that lasts for 24 hours on a user’s newsfeed. An interesting story becomes viral and users may begin sharing any content that they might find interesting and entertaining. Marketers can make use of this feature by creating short videos or other content that can create curiosity within the user community to connect with the brand.

Snap Ads

A Snap ad can feature between stories for a duration of 10 seconds and if the viewer is interested, Snapchat provides the option to swipe upwards to view the full video, article or App. Snapchat reveals that such ads convert at a rate 5 times over and above traditional banner ads.

Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat Geofilters enables a user to add location specific filters and frames to content if located at that particular area. This proves to be a credible trademark that specifies the authenticity of that location. Businesses can provide such filters that allow users to use such ‘Geofilters’ when located at the particular business location. A Geofilter can cost from $5 to a few hundred dollars depending on the area of the campaign. The cost may seem high but the campaign reaches to 40-60% of Snapchat users thereby making it a far better lead generating option.

An upcoming player in the market, Snapchat has reached millions of enthusiastic audiences within a short duration which shows the impact Snapchat has created in the world of social media. A proper social media marketing services can help you to give an edge. In addition to being user friendly, creative tools offered to enhance content and limited duration in displaying the content helps to retain attention of the user and deliver visually appealing content. Marketers should optimize Snapchat not only for business needs but also to develop creative ideas that aid in establishing a monopoly over competing brands and build a strong community on Snapchat.


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