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Why Social Media Important For Your Business

Social Media Marketing Services

We live in a digital universe and social media has become very important for businesses. 95% of online adults aged 18-34 keep tracks of brands via social networks. A positive social media experience with a brand will lead to atleast 71% of users recommending the brand. Visual content is more likely to have 40 times more chances to be shared via social media compared to any other content.  There are about 2.8 billion active social media users globally. When it comes to mobile social media users, there are around 2.56 billion, showcasing 34% penetration. Every single day, there are around 1 million new active mobile social users that are added. eTrack Media is a reputed social media marketing services in Mumbai and it helps in developing digital campaigns to help raise awareness for your brand and in turn increase sales.

2 thoughts on “Why Social Media Important For Your Business”

  1. To Manage Reputation: Presence of your business on the social media influence and control your business’s reputation. It helps you to communicate directly with the end users regarding any query, suggestions or complaints from their side. Managing your business reputation on social media is a process to track, monitor, and finally, remove the negative that leads to highlight the positive ones and increase your brand and business reputation.

    Beat the Competition: There is a saying- “forget about your competitors, just focus on your customers”. The fact associated with social media marketing is that if your competitors are present on the social media website before you then catching up can be difficult for you so you must play safe and get on the game early as your competitors might target your potential customers first and earn the brand loyalty. Being active on the social media platforms can help you to catch the potential customers and beat the competition.

    Build-up and Maintain Relationships: Social media not only helps you to gain competitive advantage but also allows you to build up and maintain new and healthy relationships. Social media helps you to understand your customers by providing accurate and valuable information about their interest. You can understand what customers think of your business, through observing the comments and reactions towards the product or service you are engaged in.

    Enhance Brand Image and Improve Brand Loyalty: Presence of your brand on the social networking sites helps you to gain brand loyalty through making it easy and accessible for customers to reach your business while responding to customer’s complaints. The brand that gets involved in direct conversations and interactions with customers seems to be more approachable. It influences how customers perceive you and enhance your brand image and goodwill.

    Increase Sales: If customers can find you on social media, it will generate interest among the users to know more about your business. Creatively advertising your products and services through content marketing and your voice as a company will make it less likely for customers to see it as a marketing campaign. Social media allow customers to go to your profile as well as to go through the website present on the search engine which leads to increase sales as customers get detailed information.

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