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Another essential part of a PPC strategy along with Google Adwords is Facebook Advertisement. Facebook is the most used social networking website in the present era and provides a wide platform to reach users across a variety of industries around the world. Due to its wide reach, it has the potential to introduce a large number of visitors to a website, increasing the possibility of converting those visitors into customers. As advertising on Facebook through a leading facebook advertising agency is gaining popularity over time, companies are spreading their advertising activity online by connecting with several Facebook Advertising agencies.

Facebook as a platform brings together customers with different likes and interests that gives marketers a lucrative opportunity to advertise their products. Considering the wide customer base Facebook as acquired with time, it provides marketers a convenient target oriented advertising platform that helps companies reach out to customers as per their desired age and income groups.

Companies must make use of this diverse platform not only because of their large customer base but because it offers a range of target oriented features for running a Facebook advertisement. Its gives marketers’ insights on trending events and purchasing behaviour which helps them in creating campaigns as per customers likes and preferences. Depending on the type of Facebook ad, marketers can either think of creating a broader reach of their ad through a boost post or conduct a lead generation ad to connect with interested customers on a one to one basis.

Running any type of advertisement calls for a thorough analysis on the performance of the ad. Facebook provides a holistic performance update on how an advert is performing through various tools and techniques such as monitoring the number of times an ad is shown in the form of impressions; how many people have seen the ad (reach) and its frequency. It also provides insights on the number of clicks the ad has received and other activity such as likes, engagement, comments, and shares.

As a market leading Facebook advertising company, eTrack Media and its experienced staff of marketing professionals help you to create a customised, business-friendly Facebook advertising campaigns. We understand that social media marketing, more importantly Facebook marketing campaigns require more personalisation than ever before. Therefore, we identify the specific audience important for your business and segment the adverts to develop campaigns that appeal to them at an individual level.

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