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Google AdWords is the most popular PPC solution at present as it is hosted by the leading search engine used by most internet users. Whether you are looking to increase your online portfolio and increase sales or looking to increase the visitors on your website and leave a reason for them to come back, a reliable Google AdWords services can help to do this. Google AdWords helps your business to be found on the internet in a much more precise manner with the added benefit of being able to target them based on their location.

The main benefit of conducting online advertisement campaigns through Google AdWords is that they bring you faster results when compared to SEO. It also gives you a quantified report of the performance of the keywords and how many views the campaigned gained in time. Another interesting aspect of Google AdWords is, that we can customise the advertisement as per customer’s preference. This helps in creating unique set of adverts through enticing images and effects which build more customer reach and bring in more visitors to the website.

The crucial benefit Google AdWords offer is that they allow specific customer oriented targeting. Targeting can be based on location, Mobile, language, time etc. The advertisement can be highlighted to only those customers who have a need for a service. Moreover, the budget of the advertisement can be controlled by setting a maximum cost per day limit that helps you keep a track of the budget. Google AdWords allow you to experiment with different types of advertising campaigns such as Google Search, Mobile Search and Remarketing that helps in identifying the platforms in which customers are more active online.

In a traditional advertising platform, we can identify the performance of any advertising campaign through word of mouth, the number of views it receives or may be the buzz it creates among people due to a catchy phrase or jingle. Google AdWords takes online advertising to another level by providing detailed and accurate information about the performance of an online advert by tracking how long a visitor stayed on the website? How many pages the customer has visited on the website, identifies repeated and new visitors on the website and provides additional insights about online customer behaviour.

Why Our Google AdWords Agency?

eTrack Media is a popular Google AdWords agency in Mumbai and we have successfully executed a variety of Google Adword campaigns for our clients across a range of industries. Google AdWords services, are one of the essential elements of our PPC package and our Google experts can create a campaign which is optimised for your business.

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