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Why PPC Services

Pay per click (PPC) is one of the leading and most accountable forms of advertising on the internet. It is used on a wide range of websites, such as search engines and social media sites, where the advertiser pays only if a user clicks on their ads. It can be an affordable and quick method to gain visitors for your site. However, planning is important as a few wrong turns can erode the entire budget for the PPC in hours rather than over a month. Thus, working with a specialised PPC company in Mumbai rather than a mere online marketing agency helps in acquiring a higher ROI for your online advertising spend.

Why Our PPC Company

As one of the leading PPC company in Mumbai, eTrack Media develops PPC ad campaigns with the aim being to save your money while gaining the maximum conversion ratios of visitors to customers. eTrack Media spends considerable time and effort researching relevant search terms before compiling the list of search terms to be used for PPC. This research includes current website reviews, competitor activity and reviewing the popularity of the terms. We will also write relevant content for your ads to maximise the click-through rates to increase the actual number of sales.

Most small businesses cannot afford to rely primarily on PPC advertising as it can be expensive and can inadvertently affect the bid/click fee. With respect to that, there are a few roles which PPC can fulfil:

Campaign Specific Traffic:

PPC is a great platform to generate the buzz for a short term campaign for a new product or service. Such a PPC campaign can be kick started within 48 hours with provision for adjusting messages in the ad even while the campaign is ongoing. In addition to a PPC campaign, running a Facebook Advertising campaign simultaneously  helps gain a wider reach and engagement across major online advertising platforms.

Measurable Return on Investment:

PPC is an excellent tool if you offer a service or sell a product that users purchase once they visit the web site. For example, for an online store, every click generated is a probable customer, hence measuring the return on investment is easier as one can look at clicks, visits and then sales.

Relevant Keywords:

Most clients are tempted to aim their ads towards broader and common terms. Relevant keywords that narrow down to the specifics return the highest visitors. These keywords cost less and users who search them are more likely to lead to buyers/purchaser.


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PPC Process

Pay per click has become an essential internet marketing tool which very few businesses can afford to avoid. As a market leader for providing PPC services in Mumbai, while building a productive PPC campaign with the medium of Google AdWords, we specialise in providing lucrative Google AdWords services for your business. We focus on maximising your ROI along with our focus to generate more clicks. The popular misconception of more-clicks-is-better is avoided by eTrack Media as we focus on quality rather than quantity. Our PPC process is divided in a set of processes, which are:

The first phase of our PPC campaign is to analyse. We analyse your website to have a better understanding of your business along with analysing competitor websites to understand their strategies before laying down our own strategies to overcome the challenges posed for our clients. In this stage the budget is analysed in order to decide the outcomes that you would expect from your PPC campaign.

We undertake thorough market research to analyse the competitor’s keywords, ads, landing pages, their unique offers and other such factors. Our prime focus is to analyse the target audience and the types of terms that they would use before reviewing the terms on search engines themselves. Additionally, effective keyword analysis is undertaken in this phase to decide the relevant keywords for your business.

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After completing the analysis, we prepare elaborate strategies that are more likely to succeed. Customised strategies are laid down to meet the set of marketing goals including the bid strategy, landing page selection and campaign structure plans.

While creating marketing campaigns, it is very important to find the correct type of retargeting such as product re-targeting, brand re-targeting and social media re-targeting, whichever is best suited for the business goals. The key is to select the placement of the re-targeting ads and the actions that trigger the re-targeting ads. In the case of a display campaign, your business goals are the deciding factors for finding the right category of website and selection of relevant sites for the ads to be displayed.

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Campaign set-up phase of PPC process beings with setting up a client account and creating the relevant ad-groups based upon the defined business goals. We write compelling ad copy to attract relevant visitors that are more likely to buy or enquire further. If your website lacks a logical landing page, we help you create one and optimise it to suit the campaign and your business needs.< .p>

Every ad placement requires the bids to be customised to suit the page that they are placed on, we customise these bids to suit the webpages where the ads are placed. We define specific rules, templates and site lists for all re-marketing campaigns.

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The ads need testing before and after they are live on the respective pages. Under our testing and improving phase of PPS process, we test the relevance and effectiveness of the ad before placing them on the websites and once they are placed, we carry out periodic checks for testing their reliability and if required, we provide suggestions for improvements.

Apart from testing and providing steps to improve the ad performance we also monitor keyword performance and continuously look for trending keywords that would improve the conversion ratio. Additionally, this process includes monitoring landing page and CTA performance, bid management, conversion monitoring and modifying campaigns based on the performance of keywords, landing pages and ad copy.

PPC Services in Mumbai

We continuously monitor your website performance based on various performance factors and help you with periodic reports which provide an easy understanding of the performance of your website.

Our monitoring checks and reports are created with total transparency, which only serves to increase the success of our PPC services. We encourage project discussions from our clients after providing the reports which is a great parameter for us to improve our services.

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