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Understanding Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing which utilises various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ amongst a host of others in order to deliver marketing communications and share brand information. eTrack Media offer Social Media Marketing services to help companies build brand credibility and recognition online.

Why our Social Media Marketing Agency

eTrack Media, one of the more prominent social media marketing agencies in Mumbai, undertakes end-to-end Social Media Marketing (SMM) as well as SMO services across a spectrum of social networking sites including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Flickr amongst many others. We understand that it is equally important to retain our customers as well as acquiring them.
We create engaging, brand-oriented and results driven social media content which is well planned and researched in accordance with SEO best practices, strategy and content calendars. Our social media marketing services help in taking your brand a step ahead online through rigorous and thought provoking social media campaigns.

We also arrange paid media campaigns either aligned to social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or powered by behavioural data gathered via social platforms. The campaign performance is driven by the context, behaviour, location, demographics and other critical criteria.


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Daily performance analysis

As a prominent brand providing SMO services in Mumbai, we offer a variety of fee structures which are dependent upon the services required including critical services such as managing updates and increasing the number of followers across communities. The plans also differ on the basis of services such as setting up social media sites, creating editorial content and carrying out target orientated activities.

SMM Process

As one of the blooming social media agencies in Mumbai, it is our firm belief that every website is unique in its own way and requires individually planned SMM campaigns to achieve overall success. eTrack Media, develops every SMM campaign to meet the client’s needs and requirements. We apply a systematic process approach in increasing the online presence of your business with our comprehensive SMM campaigns.

The first phase of the social media marketing process is to identify goals for the client’s business, analyse their website, their business and their competition. Conducting a social audit compliments the analysis in a much greater way by capturing the most relevant information which can then be utilised to develop strategic SMM campaigns for the customer.

The analysed data is a significant parameter to draw baselines for the required social performance of the campaigns. An important element to consider whilst collecting the analysis data is taking into consideration any audience insight which can prove to be a deciding factor for a successful SMM campaign. Additionally, a thorough assessment of a competitor’s social media presence and activity is another important factor used for analysis.

Social Media Marketing Services

After completing the analysis, we determine which social media platforms are most relevant for your business and then we form strategies which are unique for the business as well as suitable for that platform. We use all the gathered information and focus on creating concise and relevant content that is then used for posting on all active social media platforms.

Additionally, we also develop promotional strategies for the posts which include paid promotional strategies for some of the most important platforms that have a high number of visitors. We prepare all strategies keeping in mind business goals and any budget constraints.

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Implementation follows the strategies that have been developed. In this phase we build a social media profile of your business and optimise it to gain the maximum and relevant visitor profile. The prime focus of implementation is to make the posts search engine friendly whilst ensuring they effectively portray the intended message and the profile of your business.

One of the most important aspects of our implementation phase is timely and relevant postings on the agreed social media platforms. The posts are especially created to promote healthy conversation and to gain healthy customer feedback, an essential ingredient for business building. Additionally, we undertake community building and social media integration.

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The monitoring and review phase of the SMM process is where we provide you with thorough reviews of the campaign, which enable you to assess your performance.

These reviews also form the base for discussions on further project improvement along with providing a clear outlook for the current strategies.

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After conducting a thorough review of the campaign, we provide you with timely reports that give you an overview on how the campaign has been perceived by the required target audience.

This helps in strategizing a successful future campaign as well as construct better image design and content to attain maximum benefits from such campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Services

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