Twitter Marketing Services

A popular online social networking service, Twitter enables user to send short messages known as “tweets”. Sites on Twitter have their followers who can follow the tweets that the sites post. There are many companies that benefit from this by using their Twitter sites to update their followers with the latest news as well as propagating other important information via the short tweets.

As tweets can only be 140 characters long they need to be concise so they can convey the whole message in a very compact format. eTrack Media, one of the leading social media marketing agency in Mumbai, provides Twitter marketing services that cover all aspects of this highly trending social networking platform.

Our enthusiastic team of designers and content writers can develop interesting images and content for your tweets, that are relevant to your business and are based on the current trends. We also create tweets and images which can help you gain re-tweets, attract maximum shares, thus resulting in increased traffic to your Twitter site and ultimately your website.

Our online media professionals conduct thorough research of your business as well as your competitor’s to come up with informative and well-researched Twitter posts related to your business. This rigorous research is not only applied to post maximum tweets but we regularly keep an eye on the upcoming trends to create innovative tweets which would attract more followers and generate maximum re-tweets for your products.

Highlights of our Twitter marketing services:

  • Creating customised Twitter page
  • Integrated social media email campaigns
  • Creating engaging tweets with backlinks to your website
  • Moderation of account activity

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