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Understanding Web Design Services

Web design and development is a broad term used for providing internet marketing, eCommerce solutions, web applications via an internet enables website. It includes basically everything that appears on the browser whether this is on a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Customised Web Design Services for SEO

As one of the leading web designing company in Mumbai, eTrack Media offers customised designs based on the comprehensive understanding of our client’s business with respect to customers and competitors. We ensure that the design developed by us are not only competent but exceed client expectations.

For website projects we make sure that the website is secure, reliable, search engine friendly and easy to use. Being a leading web development company in Mumbai, we make sure search engines can find and scan the content easily. We’ll make sure that your website is user friendly and also acts as an effective sales aid for your company. After creating a website, it also requires time to time maintenance. eTrack Media offer top notch Website Maintenance Services in Mumbai that maintains your website and ensures it works effectively in compliance with search engines as well as provides enhanced user experience.

As a trusted web development company in Mumbai, by our valued clients and partners for years, we develop the most usable designs based on the latest web standards in an extremely cost effective manner. We have excelled in providing professional and affordable web designs, web site promotions and have also organised internet marketing campaigns for a number of our clients.

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Web Design Process

Whether you are looking for a web development company or a company that specialises in eCommerce Web Design Services in Mumbai, to create a richer brand experience, improve user engagement or capture more leads, we evaluate and design a project unique to your specific requirements and goals. We follow a specific set of processes to develop a unique design as per your requirements.

Requirement gathering is the first and one of the most important processes of web design, as it involves research and an understanding of the target audience as well as your brand objectives.

When we design the look and feel of your site or the entire eCommerce element of a site, we will ask a lot of questions which therefore enable us to gain a better understanding of not only your business but your needs for the website design as well.

Our web design and development strategy includes:

  • Customised Designs and Planning
  • Analysis and Implementation
  • Testing and Maintenance
  • Post Implementation Maintenance
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In the planning phase of the web design process, the information gathered from the requirements gathering phase is put together to prepare a detailed plan of the website.

The planning begins with the development of a sitemap and layout grids for the website which includes the topics and sub-topics, which in turn help us to decide what content needs to be added to maintain an easy navigational flow of the website. It’s our belief that a pleasing experience of the website goes a long way in helping to establish the brand identity. One of the important aspects of the planning phase is to decide what types of technologies need to be implemented such as a content management system (CMS), interactive forms, social media plug ins and other features.

Web Design Services

By utilising the site map and layout grids, we then move on to the aesthetic design and detailed structure of the site. We utilise modern conventions and styles that suit a brand. Typically, we will produce two or three options for customers to decide upon the most appropriate.

All options will have all key elements within them and aim to achieve the brand aims and user experience needs. This is a collaborative process and we constantly liaise with our customers about the design and layout of the site as well as interactive elements on the pages that we present to them.

As well as allowing control of the website content via an easy to use content management system, all of our websites are designed to be responsive across all user platforms as well as ensuring compliance with voice activated browsers.

Once the website design and architecture are approved the web development can begin.

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This is the phase where the website is created in it’s final format and appearance before it is live. All the final design elements including graphics and content are incorporated to create a functional website that is built in HTML format for full compatibility with browsers and also search engines. CMS integration is one of the key factors of the web development phase.

By implementing a CMS for your website you can have ongoing access to the site to constantly update the site with up to date content and news.

In most cases, our website projects are updates and therefore we plan and develop a migration strategy to migrate and implement your old website’s content to the new site.

Website development also includes implementation of websites in accordance with cross platform compatibility and therefore the websites are built for mobile responsiveness and compatibility.

Web Development Company in Mumbai

The final phase in the web design process is quality analysis. As the name suggests, the final quality testing of the website is performed in this phase giving attention to details including functionality checks of all the links, forms, navigation and also user experience testing.

We ensure cross browser functionality (proper functioning of the websites across various browsers on the latest versions) and test for any last minute compatibility issues. The site is delivered to the clients after receiving the final approval. We upload the files to the respective servers, ensure all the files are correctly uploaded and once again perform the full functionality check, marking the official launch of your website.

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