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An often overlooked but vital component of the web development in SEO service is web optimization . If applied correctly, it can increase both readership and traffic of a website, saving a lot of money in the process.

It includes website speed, image optimization, meta data creation for every page, keyword optimization, header tag, keyword in content, header, footer and so much more. Products and services with relevant URL can be exhibited on keyword searches in SERP. This is also part of website optimization services. This will lead to increased visibility and ultimately generates more leads for business and showcases growth in sales. Website optimization can also be association with enhancing the speed and reliability of a website’s performance. Poor website performance, like errors, has the ability to prevent users from taking action as they are unable to navigate the website. Website optimization can be referred to as the practice of enhancing the visibility of a website for search engines. The ultimate objective is to increase search result rankings for key search terms.

eTrack Media is a leading website optimization company in Mumbai analyses how the business works and assesses the competitors to come up with the best SEO friendly website optimization solution that will ultimately prove to be beneficial for your business.

At eTrack Media, we offer website optimization services in its truest form. Amid a host of website optimization companies in Mumbai, eTrack Media is a leading SEO agency in Mumbai that offers website optimization services at competitive prices with excellent ROI results.

Amongst the list of services, our prime package of website optimization services includes server-side optimization services, asset optimization and platform optimization.

Top Features of our website optimization services:

  • Choosing the right web hosting account
  • Minimising URL redirects
  • Asset offloading
  • Better handling of web images
  • Optimizing WordPress or another CMS site

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