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Website Optimisation Service

Websites need to be presented to users with a view of conveying your message to them. However, they also need to contain information that is found and understood by search engines.
Website optimisation services include changing and updating your website so as to suit both your users as well as the leading search engines. It is also referred to as on-page optimisation.

At eTrack Media we recognise website optimisation as one of the most important aspects of our online media activities.  We undertake an extensive program of activity to ensure that the content on your website is visible to search engines without compromising what your users need to see and read. 

Our Process for website optimisation is as follows:

Identify Keywords: We review your website in detail with the aim of identifying the keywords that attract the most internet traffic for your business.   

Update Content: We advise on updates to your content which will include changes to the text and changes in the website code that search engines scan and use.

Website Structure: We comment on the information architecture as well as the image text, titles, links and tags for all pages.  We also make suggestions for new ‘essential’ pages for search engine use.

Ongoing Review: As we carry out search engine submissions and we receive more feedback about the performance of the site we will continue to make periodic content changes to your website.  This is important for search engines as it demonstrates that your website is live and that it is being updated constantly.  We can also make changes to news and blog areas on your behalf.

Website optimisation is a critical aspect of our search engine optimisation work.  Only by updating the website in accordance with best practice standards and in line with your requirements will the site be ready for major search engines.  Once we have made an initial set of changes we will monitor and update the site on an ongoing basis, taking into account search traffic and responding accordingly.  Of course this is all really important as it shows search engines that the website is alive and is always being updated.

On Page optimisation Services Highlights

  • We take time to understand core content and search engine requirements before we start.
  • All core website elements reviewed and commented on.
  • Changes and additions to website proposed before making amendments.
  • We focus on all pages and not just the home page.
  • Changes are made by us or we can work with your designer.
  • We carry out a continual review of search engine activity to monitor changes and make those changes to the website.
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